Spottin Cramping Please Help

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AnnaZ - January 4

I am 9 weeks pregnant, and as of 3 days ago have a light red spotting evey time I have a bowel movement. Today I started having cramps, feels like I am about to get my period. I read that all of these symptoms could lead to a miscarriage. I am really worried as I already miscarried a baby at 6 weeks 9 months ago. But my doctor is saying it does not mean anything, as the baby looked good when I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks. Did anybody had a similar experience and had a healthy pregnancy?


julepowers - January 4

Hi Anna, I did not experience this myself, but my brother's wife had a similar problem at 9/10 weeks and was terrified of losing the baby. However everything is fine. Her dr told her not to worry and now she is a healthy 13 weeks. It's not uncommon to bleed over your pregnancy. I know lots of people who have. Try to be positive although I know that you are worried. I can relate since I had two m/c's and now i"m 6 weeks. I'm TERRIFIED of losing the baby myself, but they saw the fetal pole on my last u/s, but no heartbeat. They said it was to early yet, but I'm still worried. I think that you'll continue to worry, but I don't think that you're dr would lie to you and tell you it was fine if it wasn't. they usually are more prone to tell you if something is wrong because they air on the side of safety. I feel good about this and think that your baby is going to be strong and healthy. hang in there!


Hopeful3 - January 4

I recently called my doctor about the same problem. The nurse said that sometimes straining during a bowel movement can bring on some spotting. She encouraged me to up my fiber. I am now 9 weeks and haven't spotted in almost 3 weeks, so I think that was my problem. Also, cramps are also normal, unless severe. That was one thing my family warned me about from the get go (My dh and I are the only couple in our family that have no children yet). At first I paniced over the cramps, but even my doctor referred to them as growing pains. As your uterus prepares to expand, cramps are inevitable. I heard they aren't as noticeable in the 2nd tri though. So, I hope you are able to relax and enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible. I, too, have had m/c, so I know some of what you are going through. Good luck!!


Pink07 - January 5

Early in my pregnancy I was experiencing cramping alot, and I spotted for the first three months every time my period was due...I was worried about miscarriage but I am now 21 weeks and the baby is fine :)


blondie30 - January 6

Anna... When I was preganant with my son I had bleeding for the first 6 months of the pregnancy. I had had a miscarriage before him so I was scared it would happen again.. However... I had my son and he is 9 yrs. old now. My Dr. always told me as long as your not bleeding enough to fill a pad or tampon (like on your period) you should not worry. Also, after exams, and s_x, you will tend to have bleeding. All normal. If it makes you feel better, do what I did with me son..go in once every few weeks and listen to the baby's heartbeat..if you have good insurance, have an ultrasound done. What ever it takes to ease your mind. Good Luck 2 you!!!


blondie30 - January 6

OH... and I forgot to also mention, I am almost 12 weeks pregnant now, and I have had somw spotting with thid pregnancy just like with my son. Because I know what the outcome was the last time, I am not stressing. In addition, when I had my ultrasound done at 8 weeks, we watched the baby move and it's heart was beating a strong 167 beats per min.



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