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Sarah - January 28

I just found out I am pregnant - I am five weeks today. Yesterday when I woke up on had some brown spotting in my underwear. When I go to the bathroom and wipe, I also have some brownish coloring - I am not having any cramping, but do feel funny bits of pain in my lower abdomen at times - nothing severe. The nurse at my my doctors office said it is normal - but I am still worried..should I be more persistent and ask to see my doctor?? Is this something I should worry about??


ekay - January 28

Some people will say it is normal and some will not and I have heard it end up either way (successful preg or m/c) Unfortunatlely they wouldn't be able to see much at a 5 week u/s so, I would try to relax as much as possible, take it easy and if you stop spotting try and get an u/s at 6 or 7 weeks just to give you piece of mind. By the way, I always heard, brownish is better than red-it is old blood not new. :) Hang in there.


Jackie - January 28

I had spotting around then just like how you described I even had a small amount of red blood. Ekay's advice was good just relax and take it easy. My doc did do an U/S at 5weeks for me due to my spotting and it did show a sac in the right place and no major bleeding - so that eased my mind. They may do the same for you if you ask. When I went for my last u/s at 6weeks everything looks great. There was a good heartbeat and I haven't had any spotting since my 5th week. but, I'm still worried about everything. So I understand your worries believe me but we both need to try and relax and just take good care of ourselves.


Sarah - January 28

Thanks so much ekay and Jackie - it is definitely nice to know that other people are experiencing the same things. Relaxing is definitely a must! It's just so hard when its your first pregnancy and you are just gritting your teeth to make it through healthy. Did you ask your doctor for an u/s or did they suggest that you get one??



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