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WORRIED - March 15

Has anyone spotting in their first trimester?


Misty - March 15

Some people do spot during their first trimester and it is just fine. For me when it happened I wasn't, but it grew to be more then light spotting. And it was red, supposedly if it isn't red that is a good sign. It does happen to quite a few women though that go on to have healthy babies. Good luck, I know just how stressful it is to go through.


Hope - March 15

My cousin had 2 miscarriages both around I think maybe 7-8 weeks... in her 3rd pregnancy, she started bleeding again, even a little clotting, she was so upset and just knew that she was having another miscarriage, she went to the dr. and they did tests, and they said everything was fine...she had a beautiful baby's all in God's hands and you just have to trust that he knows what is best for you. I hope everything turns out okay for you and keep us posted.


reba - March 16

I am in the same boat. I have been spotting since the start..but it is brown blood...sometimes a little pink....get an ultrasound around the 14 - 16th week...i have been instructed to do is scary..but have been told it is not uncommon...and more often than not..if there are not any cramps, then things are ok...but still get those ultrasounds to make sure....goodluck....reba


D - March 16

I spotted almost daily for about 3 weeks. The funny thing is, I started spotting when I had my first transv____al u/s at 5w4d and stopped the day after my second u/s at 7w3d. Everything was normal then.... If it is really light, I'd just mention it to my doc, but if it turns redder and heavier, and you start to cramp, I'd get an appt.


D - March 16

I see my math is suffering... that is more like 2 weeks...HAH!


Lucy - March 28

D Are you still there? I have a question for you.


Mythili - March 28

I am now 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I just noticed today when I went to the washroom and wiped that there was a little brown spotting. It is like the mucus but brown in color. Do I have to worry about it?


Swouper - April 7

I am currently spotting, it is very light and brown. Is there anything I can do very early in pregnancy to avoid a miscarriage? I only just found out today that I'm pregnant, and am only 2 days late in my cycle (4.5 weeks along?)


Mythili - April 7

Swouper, I think you maybe experiencing implantation bleeding. I had the same spotting at the time I was expecting my period.



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