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Amanda - November 17

I am 5 weeks pregnant and I started spotting about 5 days ago. It is brown and there isn't much but I have been getting some lower back pains and a strange feeling in my lower stomach like I am going to get crampy. It stopped yesterday and started again today and I got blood tests from the doctor for it and she said my hormone levels are going up normally but I really can't shake the feeling that something isn't right! So I was wondering, if the spotting and feeling in my stomach continue, should I be worried?


Sara - November 20

Amanda-I have had brown spotting for the past 2 days.Like 2x a day.And today I woke up and got a +hpt.(I am 4w since last period).I have also been having cramping like Af is gonna start but nothing and no spotting today.I was told that it could have been blood from implantation and it usually dosent come out until you are suppose to start your period.I have read that it is normal.As long as you are not bleeding(red)continously you're probably fine.You can call your Dr just to make sure!!Congrats and good luck!


mellissa - November 21

amanda, i am in the same boat as you. i am 5 weeks, 3 days today. i had some brown/pink spotting around when af was due then nothing. today i woke up and have brown spotting again. i know it's normal for women to have this, but i can't help being scared b/c the same thing happened in april and my nurse said it was normal, then i lost the babies. the spotting lasted for about a week then i got one big gush of bright red blood that soaked through my jeans (in the grocery store, no less!!). I'm not trying to scare you, just letting you know i'm feeling just what you are....with a lot of anxiety. as long as the blood is not bright red and there isn't a lot of it, things should be good. i didn't get cramps with my m/c because my body wasn't working like it should have so i had to get a d&c. i am praying this is not happening again...for you or for me! i have a dr. appointment today, I could highly recommend that you either make one or go to the er just to ease your mind. in the er they will most likely do a v____al u/s to check everyone out. good luck and keep me posted!!!


Alyssa - November 21

Amanda - I am 10 weeks and 4 days. I just finally stopped spotting with almost 2 months of it!! I have heard it is very normal, but is something that should be checked out by the doctor (which you seem to have already.) Mine was due to I was carrying twins and lost one of them. It could be anything. As long as your hormones seem to be normal you should be fine. Good luck!


mellissa - November 21

alyssa, it's so good to hear of someone who had spotting and is okay. i'm sorry you lost one of your babies. with my last preg i was told i had a high chance of losing one, then i lost them both, i was shocked to say the least. i have an appointment in an hour and i'm hoping they do an u/s...amanda... since your levels are going up like normal, i would try not to worry. have you asked your dr. about getting and u/s? that might ease your mind a bit.


Tillie - November 21

There is nothing scarier than bleeding when you're pregnant! But if it eases your mind at all, I went to the ER at 6 weeks because I was very suddenly bleeding--heavily--and thought for sure it was a miscarriage. It was a heartbreaking couple of hours, but it turned out the baby was safe and they really didn't know why I was bleeding. I'm now almost 11 weeks and all has been fine (fingers crossed). Since this happened, many people have told me stories of spotting and bleeding in the first trimester and it turning out ok. Good luck!


mellissa - November 21

well, my appointment wasn't very helpful. they just sent me to the lab and told me go back wednesday to see if my levels were increasing. i am contemplating going to the er, but would they be able to see anything at 5 wks, 3 days? i need some rea__surance and all the dr said to me was "well, if you're having a m/c there's nothing we can do stop it so there's no point in doing an u/s." how frustrating!!!


Tillie - November 21

At six weeks, when I was in the ER, they were able to see the baby perfectly via ultra-sound and conclude that I was not miscarrying. It seems to me they would be able to do the same for you at 5 weeks 3 days? This sounds so frustrating--I hope it's ok.


Amanda - November 21

Well, I am still spotting slightly, really not much now. But it has been over a week of it and I am just hoping everything goes smoothly. I am very paranoid because I had a m/c about 3 years ago and when that happened, I started spotting and went to the ER and they said everything was fine and a week later I lost the baby! So I think that is why I am worried. So far it seems to have slowed down, so I hope all goes well! Thanks for all your comments! I has helped.



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