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nova - September 6

Sorry it's an awful topic but i am 8.5 weeks pregnant and on 3-4 occasions i have had this couloured discharge. brownish, then i had one that was sort of redish but very light! is this normal, i told my GP and he said that is not normal but wait till my 12 week ultrasound, its very nervracking...I just have this sick feeling every time it comes.......


stacyann36 - July 8

I know exactly what you mean by nerve racking, you are not alone......I am 8 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and I am 36 yrs old........I began spotting some brownish discharge last friday and then it became red, and 5 days later was back to brown, and now is almost nothing at all.....Nothing was seen until i used the restroom and you could see it on the toilet tissue only.....My doc told me this is normal for some women and without cramping and the "pa__sing" of blood she thinks things are ok..I have had my hormone level checked once and go in today to see if it is increasing.....I have not had an ultra sound yet, and my appt to actually see doc for 1st time isnt until next week...( i have only been to lab for blood work)...Worrying about it and the waiting game is making me feel horrible,......They seem to think things are fine, so i am TRYING not to stress about it....I am hoping this is normal, and i know how you feel about it being nerve racking...Just remember every woman is different and this may be normal for you...Good luck....


diazcr - July 12

I am 6 weeks pregnant and started spotting this morning. I am worried because I recently had a miscarriage...but this spotting is different. When I had my miscarriage, it was like a period...then it got worse. With my first child, I spotted a brownish/pink color, but not blood. If you don't have blood or cramping, I wouldn't worry. Hope all's ok!


nova - July 12

thanks Staceyann It makes me feel somewhat better that someone else is experiancing it, Although i wish you wern't!!!! counting down till my u/S which i am crossing my fingers is OK. Thanks for the thoughts and i wish you all the best too!!!!!!!!!!


cc - July 13

I am 8.5 weeks also with the exact same thing - light brown spotting with slight cramping - I am going in for my first ultra sound today...will write back with results.


MrsB0810-almost 10 weeks - July 13

I spotted also for 2 weeks straight. Not enough to fill a pad or anything, but just when I went to the bathroom. My doctors could not tell me why it kept happening, ultrasounds showed faint blinking (heartbeat) and I am going for another ultrasound, as it was suggested that it was my placenta developing and that can cause some spotting. After my previous m/c at 10 weeks, I'm a wreck about every little thing, and my OB has been great. Maybe you can request (demand!) an ultrasound a little sooner. I dont think its fair to make you wait when they specifically said that it wasnt normal.


cc - July 13

I demanded an ultra sound the 2nd dat I got spots w/slight cramping after reading some of these entries - I wasn't supposed to go in until a week from wednesday.


Rahsheen - August 1

I have been having a brownish discharge in place of my period for the past 3-4 months. It does not have an odor and it doesn't seem like a period, but it comes every month in place of my period. What is this and why it it happening? I have taken numerous pregnancy test.


jc - August 2

I'm so glad to find this website. I am also 6 weeks pregnant and miscarried this time a few months ago. i started spotting 3 days ago but like the others, muscousy brown with sometime flex of red or pink. No cramping though but I am freaking out because of my last experience. I see the Dr. tomorrow and am hoping they will do a blood test to check my HCG level. Unfortunately I am glad to hear that other women are experiencing this too and so far have not miscarried.


stacyann36 - August 3

Girls, i posted on this board hoping to be on 2nd trimester by now...i actually miscarried at 9 weeks...if you have any kind of spotting that is red even lightly demand to be checked by your doc..i had no pain, cramps etc and only spotted a bit as my message above miscarriage was FINALLY ( they love to make patients wait on news like this) confirmed after my hormone levels kept dropping...good luck and know your body and be persistent with your doc


Chris Staab - August 10

My wife saw some bleeding yesterday. She is at 9 weeks. She immediately went in to get a sonogram. We heard a strong heartbeat and saw lots of movement. The doctor a__sured us that our baby is healthy and told us that bleeding is normal in many cases (brown, no cramps, still showing signs of pregnancy like sickness and throwing up). We were only sad for one day, until we got our sonogram. I highly recommend getting the sonogram as soon as bleeding/depression/anxiety occurs. God bless.


Nancy - August 20

Hello there..I was wondering...I was suspose to start the 17 of Aug I started 2 days early.The only thing is it wasn't really bleeding more like spotting it was very very light and only lasted one day I have no bleed since the 15th. Does this mean I am pregnant?


HB - September 6

Hi I need some help out there I'm 4.5 weeks along and I have been spotting for 2 days know it is like a brownshish color and it is not alot it is when ever i go to the bathroom it is on the paper.. This will be my 2nd baby is this something to worrie about or is it normal?? Please help i'm a reck over this...



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