Spotting After Bowel Movement

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ccmorley - April 27

Hello all. Kind of a wierd question, but I'm 6 weeks along now & a little concerned. After the last couple of bowel movements, I had some slight spotting. A little more with the last one though & I'm a little worried. I m/c at 19 weeks last July & have be trying ever since. Should I be concerned? Don't see the Doc till May 8. Can anyone ease my mind? TX!


AshleyB - April 27

ARe you certain that the blood is coming from the v____a? I was just thinking that if you had hemorroids (which some people do, but don't even know it) they sometimes bleed during bm's. My only advice is to get lots of fiber so that you can be sure you don't have to bear down hard or struggle with bm's. That can cause more pressure on baby and hemorroids. Good luck. Call your doc and see what they say. Most doc offices are happy to answer any questions like that over the phone. If you're worried, give them a call to ease your mind.


SuzieQ - April 27

I had spotting after bowel movements early in this pregnancy too. I asked my doc about it and he didn't seem too concerned. It only happened twice to me,and it definitely was from the v____a. I also experienced spotting after s_x, so my doc suggested that my cervix was sensitive.


iakram - April 27

Hi ccmorley - is it b/c your backed up thus having to strain? [sorry there was no other way to put it] - perhaps it 's putting just a bit of pressure on you and that's why you're spotting. Can you try calling your Dr and asking about it? Good LUck


vickypops1 - April 27

Hi ccmorley me too about 6wks preg ive had brown spotting all along doc said nthig to worry about unless goes to red,ive had red spotting 3 times and all after ive had bowel movements toay had touch of the runs with bad stomach ache.Had scan tue but too early got scan in 2wks so fingers crosed for the both of us,it does seem a little wierd


ccmorley - April 27

Well, It is from the v____a, & nothing else has happened (leaked out since) so hopefully nothing too serious. No cramping either, so that's a good sign, right? TX for the replys. I'll see what happens in the next week before I get to see the doc.


Micky - April 27

Well, you are not supposed to strain during a bowel movement in pregnancy. The bowel movement should be easy and free flowing.....So, what iakram said is right..That could be the reason...



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