Spotting And Mild Cramping

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Eva - November 30

I just found out I was pregnant this week. blood test confirms as well as a home pregnancy test. I was spotting as if I were having a mild period, but now after three days the discharge is red accompanied by very mild cramps. Scared, has anyone else experience this? I have an ultrasound tomorrow to find out if something is wrong. Thank you...


to eva - November 30

you called your doctor, and they are making you wait until tomorrow? anyways, i know that some mild bleeding is sometimes normal, but i personally dont like the change in the blood and cramps...i dont want you to get too freaked out by that, but i would go to the ER if you feel it is getting worse, and you cant wait until tomorrow, and then just follow up with your scheduled appointment. i wish i knew what to say, good luck to you, and keep us posted please!


Sarah - November 30

I had spotting and cramping in the beginning of my preg. w/ my daughter. Actually the cramping was my whole pregnancy! I was scared too b/c I had a m/c before and the symptoms were very similar but everything turned out fine. If the blood is bright red and starts coming out in clumps-that is usually a bad sign but if its just a little red discharge hopefully its okay. MIne wasn't very red, just a little pinkish red. Sorry for the details, just trying to help!


eva - December 1

Thank you for your answers...went to the doctor today and they extracted tissue which they believe to be fetal tissue, thus a potential miscarriage. My cramps and bleeding became more severe and that was a bad sign. While the doc says he wants to take blood tests to make sure my HCG levels are ok (still holding out hope). But if they are lower than they should be then it will be a confirmed miscarriage. Will find out tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for your support.


karen - December 2

good luck eva---and let us knew !


eva - December 2

Again, thank you for your support. Found out today that I did in fact miscarry. BUT for those of you who are experiencing similiar symptoms, my ER doc told me that while it is uncommon to cramp and bleed during pregnancy, it does not mean miscarriage. She said that some women will just not know htey are preganant and will carry to full term. Good Luck to all. Eva



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