Spotting And Mucousy Discharge At 10 Weeks

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ErinBriana - October 28

Last Wednesday I started to have very light brown discharge, which eventually turned reddish, then eventually mucousy. I ended up going to Urgent Care yesterday where they did an ultrasound and saw the baby with a heartbeat, but it's still continuing and I'm freaking out. Anybody else had this type of discharge and continued with a healthy pregnancy or know of anyone that had this...?


RMC - October 31

ErinBriana - I had it for the first 3 months of my last pregnancy and the first month with this one. Also, with this one, I had heavy bleeding & cramping, which I though was a m/c, but it turns out a piece of my placenta broke off. So far so good though - I am still hearing a healthy h/b at the drs office.


sarah21 - October 31

As long as you saw a heartbeat, a__sume everything is fine unless you get severe cramps and heavy red bleeding. Maybe rent a doppler online so you can monitor the heartbeat yourself? It's possible that your cervix is agitated or that your placenta is moving and that could cause some bleeding. Try to stay positive and keep stress levels low for the little one. Good luck!


ErinBriana - November 2

Thanks Sara and RMC for your feedback but I did end up losing it. I went to my reg doctor on this last Monday (2 days after Urgent Care said there was a heartbeat) and had an ultrasound only to find out my baby had died a couple of weeks prior. I had to have a D&C done since my cervix hadn't dilated at all. I am speechless- the exact words of the doctor in Urgent Care was "I can see the four chambers of it's heart and it's definitely beating." So I asked her what the heartrate was (since it was low at my six week ultrasound), but since this ultrasound machine was new (and no one had been trained on it yet), she couldn't give me that info. I asked her if I could see my baby, which she supposedly showed me, although it looked funny to me, then disappeared, so she said it probably moved because it was sick of her pushing on it. Besides losing the baby, what really bothers me is the fact that they had a machine in the ER that no one was trained on and I was the first "guinea pig" I guess you could say for this doctor. The regular ultrasound machine that was normally used in the ER was available AND the OB was open at the time (since I went during urgent care hours). What would you do if this happened to you? I called the hospital today to file a complaint, mainly so this doesn't happen to someone else and am waiting to hear from them...Also, I hope everyone else's pregnancy is successful because I wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone.



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