Spotting And Rh Negative

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katycali - May 14

I'm 5 weeks pregnant going on six weeks. I started spotting 3 days ago and continue to spot. I am concerned because I am Rh negative and I'm not sure if I need to recieve the Rhogam shot. I was told by my doctor's office that I do not need to recieve it. But researching the internet, it sounds like other people in my situation have recieved the shot. I am very concerned with the spotting and I am concerned if I need the shot, it will be too late. I have miscarried three time prior and have not had a sucessful preganancy yet. Does anyone have any information on this topic.


olivia - May 15

The blood you are spotting with is your blood, it does not cross with the babies blood. So no, you do not need the shot. You will need a shot a few weeks before your due date. Other than that the only reason you would need one are if you have another miscarriage, or if after you have the baby and the babies blood is RH positive. Then they will give you a second shot. Have they tested to be sure you are not sensitized from your previous miscarrages? I think this could be cause subsequent misscarrages if you are already sensitized with the antibodies. Did you get a rhogam after each miscarriage? I am very sorry for your losses, lets hope you are pregnant with an RH neg baby to ease any troubles! Hope this helps a little.


SuzieQ - May 15

I'm rh- too, and 20wks along now (after two previous m/c's). I had spotting with all three pregnancies around 6 wks, and received a rhogam shot each time I spotted. My doctor said it was "just a precaution" and I took it. Did you get the shot after each miscarriage? If not, then there is the possibility of antibodies in your blood, but you can also get your antibody level checked with a blood test. Discuss it more with your doctor and maybe get a second opinion if you're still not sure.


Leilani14 - May 15

Hi! I spotted at 6 weeks and i didn't get Rhogam shot, but I didn't find out I'm Rh- until my 8 weeks appt. I wish I new. I would ask for one. I think I'm fine I'm 22 weeks and baby looks great. As olivia mentioned as long you spot your own blood it is OK. Dr told me that I will get Rhogam shot at 28 weeks and then after birth regardles of type is baby. And I agree with olivia that you ask for test to see if you are sensitized. Take care



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