Spotting And Scared

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cg - February 18

Last night I was trying to go to the bathroom #2. I have been really constipated so I was pushing really hard to go. When i wiped there was blood on the tp, and it was not at the #2 area. I freaked out and called the doctor and he told me to wait until to today to see what happened. Today I am not bleeding but still have very light brown color after i wipe. I talked to the nurse today and she does not think that there is anything to worry about since i am not bleeding anymore or having severe cramping. She thinks that since i was pushing so hard I popped a blood vessel "since your uterus has so much blood" She said that I was probably just straining too hard. I am so scared! I am 10 weeks tomorrow and am very nervous about miscarriage. Please someone give me their word!!!!!!


Beth - February 18

Cg, I had slight cramping with brownish discharge at 6 weeks and the dr's said it was nothing. I am not almost 13 weeks and I have no cramps at all but I do have some spotting, so I am very scared right now also. Keep me up to date and I will keep you up to date! Good luck to you!


CG - February 18

I hope everything goes well for you. This is my first pg so i am super scared about the bad things. I need to focus on the good and let it up to God.


Beth - February 18

I hope everything goes well for you too!! this is my first also, so I am a huge worrier!!


paige - February 20

first of all stop pushing. i have constipation, if it takes me 2 days it takes 2 days. Let it come out slowly. Try eating bran that helps and lots of fiber foods, oats, green beans. I had a little bleeding and cramps and 6 weeks, i am 13 weeks and i haven't had it for many weeks. I wouldn' t worry, easier said than done. Best wishes for you..


Golden - February 22

I just recently found out I was pregnant. I am 26, and this is my first pg. I also have brownish like discharge when I wipe. I am not worried. I am 5 weeks and have been told that it sometimes happens around your normal cycle. You will be fine. If you see red blood, then get immediate attention.


Chelle - February 22

If it is brown, generally that is what doctors refer to as "old blood" I wouldn't get worried just yet. Old blood isn't abnormal.


carrie - November 27

I am also in my 6th week and I have a brownish mucas when i wipe. this is my second preganancy and my first ended in miscarriage with the same symptoms what I recomend is just do as little as possible and remember it is not in your hands and if it is gonna happen there is nothing you or any one can do and it happens for a reason somthing is usually wrong with the fetus. Hope everything is okay with you.


Schell - December 5

I have heard that if you are constipated, it is best not to push, as it will increase your chances of getting hemmoroids. I am 6 wks now, and very constipated, but I am letting nature take it's course, eating lots of dried fruit and drinking lots of water seems to help.


Connorsmommy - December 25

cg, when i read your post and thought I was reading something I wrote. The exact same thing happened to me yesterday! How lond did you spot brown?? I've been spotting brown since yesterday afternoon but the tp doesn't always have something on it! I'm scared to death, i had a chemical pregnancy last month, I want this one to stick!!!!



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