Spotting And Scared

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ezwaggy - May 23

There was pink when I wiped this morning then when I went to the bathroom later there was even more, it was fresh, not old. I'm 7 weeks and have my first OB this Friday. I called my Dr and she ordered an u/s for Friday. There's no cramping but I'm so scared right now I can't even concentrate. I have sore br___ts and fatigue but no morning sickness yet and I'm worried that's a bad sign. Is this familiar to anyone else?


srigles - May 23

If it's any consolation, I'm 12 weeks now and have had a brown discharge and bright red blood (wiping) on and off for about three weeks now. I've had three ultrasounds, and they were all fine. The doctor said that a suprising number of women have this problem, and that although it should always be checked out, it's not always as horrible as it seems. Apparently some women will continue to have the problem throughout the whole nine months. Still terrifies me everytime it happens, though! Try not to worry too much (easier said than done, I know) and I hope everything works out for the best for you.


tinkri - May 23

I am going through the same thing right now. I am 6wks today. I had my first appointment yesterday and doc did an u/s. He wasn't sure he would see the baby because it was so early, but not only did we see the baby-we saw a hb! I am hoping that the spotting will go away- srigles, you give me hope that I can still have a healthy prganancy. The doc said that since we saw the hb, I have a 90% chance of not m/c.


tinkri - May 23

sorry...I didn't say that the spotting was brownish and only when I wipe. I had a m/c last May with a similar story, but last time my hcg wasn't doubling...this time it was perfect if not alittle high.


alexandra33 - May 23

Hi ladies- I am having same thing. I am only just pg (4 weeks) but had a m/c in Jan. so any spotting is scary. Could I be implantaiton bleeding now? I am already 16 dpo. The spotting is brown and I have had lower back pain for a few days.


ezwaggy - May 23

Thank you ladies! There's no real consolation but it really helps to hear other people's stories. I'm glad I found this site. Congrats and good luck to you all!


Chris23 - May 23

Same here - I noticed a bit of brown/pink spotting when i wiped this morning but seems to have trailed off to almost a clear/yellow now (TMI, sorry). This is my first pg and I am in a panic. I'm going to wait until tomorrow and if it continues, I'll call the dr. I have a u/s on Friday so hopefully I can wait until then for an answer. I feel great, no cramping, just scared. Good luck to all!


ezwaggy - May 23

Chris23 I know how you feel - I'm completely nauseus from fear. Unfortunately all we can do is wait and see. Good luck with everything.


amber508 - May 24

Hello all.... I wanted to give you all a success story since many that go along with bleeding are not.... When i was 7 wks with my daughter I had a toilet bowl full of bright red blood... went to the ER and all was fine.... I also spotted off and on my entire pregnancy.... I have a beautiful 16 month old daughter who came out very healthy 9lbs 9oz 21inches.. Though it is very scary, and every day m/c crossed my mind..... remember if you bleed its not always you will m/c.... They say many women bleed and half of them go on to have healthy pregnancies/babies. I know what this worry is like, I am now 8 weeks pregnant with my second child and have been having brown blood when wipe for a couple days, granted my Dr says its old blood and not to worry, it doesn't ease the worry. Even having been thru a hard preg b4 doesnt help.... Just try to remember, it's in God's hands..... and enjoy your pregnancy....some ppl arent lucky enough to be in our shoes.... I wish all the best of luck... happy healthy pregnancies and babies.... God Bless


nursej - May 24

well, i started having a little pinkish blood yesterday morning when i wiped myself only. I am on progesterone gel b/c i have low progesterone. today it has stopped so i fell a little better. i called my dr. and they raised the strength of my progesterone.


nursej - May 28

well ezwaggy, when i wrote last the blood that was pink had stopped, at my dr.'s appt it started during the u/s but the dr. said not to worry b/c the baby had a strong heartbeat. it stopped, then started again last night at work, i am very scared. it has stopped again this morn and been light pink now. no cramping at all or severe back pain. i am on progesterone supplements and the dr. increases my dosage wensday of last week, we got to leave it in god's hands.


ezwaggy - May 30

hi nursej, I'm glad to hear abou the strong heartbeat. My doctor did not give me an u/s last friday but said my cervix was closed. This morning I had a gush of fresh red blood though and I called my doc - she said all I can do is wait and if the light bleeding is persistant to schedule an u/s. Kind of frustrating but you're right, it's out of our hands. good luck with everything.


Tara S - May 30

Hi ladies, Im 7 weeks 1 day today and started spotting when I was 6 weeks 5 days. I went to see doctor and seen babies heartbeat, it was 120. My doctor says I have a 50% chance of miscarrying. I stopped spotting today and its just a yellowy discharge, I did have bad cramps last nite and was really scared. I have another ultrasound on June 1. I really hate this waiting !


ezwaggy - June 1

Tara S did you have your 2nd u/s today? I had mine and saw the heartbeat - 128. But I have to wait for the doc to call me with the report. Hope everything's fine with you.



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