Spotting And Still Had A Healthy Pregnancy

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Ann - November 24

I am 6 weeks pregnant and I have been having some brown spotting for a week now. I am having mild cramps, but nothing out of the oridinary. I had my levels checked and the Dr. said they are doubling like the are supposed to. I can't help but be scared though because I had a m/c in march that started out like this. Has anyone had this kind of spotting but still had a healthy pregnancy? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.


... - November 25

I had spotting too, at 9 weeks, and I read somewhere that 50% who have bleeding go on to have healthy pregnancies and if you have seen or heard a heartbeat after 6 weeks its a 90% success rate. So maybe insist on an ultrasound if you are really worried and have a history. Its not good to be stressing about it. I have an u/s in 2 weeks and I wish it were sooner so I am just crossing my fingers that all is well. Good luck!


Kate - November 25

Hi Ann, don't worry to much, I started brown spotting the day my period was due and continued till 9 and a half weeks. I had a US at 6w3d because I was so concerned and there was a heartbeat 128 bpm. I'm now 12 weeks and right on track. This is my 7th pregnancy the others were miscarriages, so I understand exactly how you feel. Have faith Ann. Congrats on your pregnancy too!!


ann - November 25

thank you both for your responses. i just got off the phone with my dr. and i have and u/s scheduled for monday. i feel like everything is okay, i just can't help being a little scared. your responses have rea__sured me though, thanks again.


mother777 - November 27

kate good luck with your pregnancy. Ann: i had some spotting in my first trimester, especially after s_x. i was somewhat scare. i had bleeding in my second trimester at 26 or 27 weeks. the doctor sent me to the hospital. it seem like i had low lying placenta. they told me to take it easy and no s_x. i am now in my third trimester at 33 weeks and will be 34 weeks this tuesday. all is fine now. but is was scary. my advice to you is do not overdue things. try to hold off on the s_x until your second trimester. get a lot of rest. don't worry everything will be fine and best of luck to you and kate.


ann - November 28

thanks for all of your input. after talking to dh i think it did have to do with me having s_x. i really don't remember having s_x this week, but i guess we did. lol. that's how out of it i am. he said the spotting started a day or two after the last time. i have an u/s today so hopefully i'll find out some good news. i'll let you know!


Nancy - November 28

I spotted EVERY MONTH for 4 months with my first pregnancy, and was a nervous wreck! The "baby" who caused all this spotting will be nine years old next month! So NOT TO WORRY! Good luck! p.s. The doctor finally told me to quit calling him every time I had "brown spotting", and unless the spotting was bright red, to chill out. Intercourse did, in fact, cause some of that "old blood" (the doctor's term for the brown spotting) to come out, as did the "usual" time when my period would be expected. Interestingly, I had no spotting at all with my second child, who turns 6 tomorrow!


Kari - November 28

This is soooo helpful! I have had the same question as Ann. Started to see some brown spotting today at 6 weeks and am freaking out. Now, after reading all of these responses I am feeling much more confident that everything is normal. Appreciate all of you who responded to Ann's question & to you Ann for asking it. Happy pregnancies to all :-)!!!


... - November 28

I just spoke to a friend who had spotting at the 8-9 week mark and had a healthy bub. I had a vivid dream of m/c last night but determined not to worry. U/S in 9 days....


ann - November 28

great news!!! i had my u/s today and sure enough there was my little peanut snug as a bug!!! i got to see and hear the heartbeat too. 115 bpm. the u/s tech said that was good. i am soooo excited!! thank you all so much for responding to my question. you really calmed my worries.



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