Spotting And U S Shows Only Sac

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Shannon - March 29

Hi, according the my LMP I should be 9 weeks pregnant. I had a va___al u/s which showed only a sac which would correspond with a 5 week pregnancy. I have been having red & pink spotting (no tissue) for a week now. If still spotting tonight I will go to ER. Has anyone else experienced this? I am so worried and have no one to talk to about it.


helen wales - April 1

Hi Shannon according to my lmp i am 7wks today had a v____al u/s on wed so was 6wks 5 days, they saw a sac but no heartbeat they said the size was of 5wks but i know my dates are definately right.i started spotting on good friday for 4 days thats why they did the u/s. got to have another blood test today & sunday. apparently the hcg reading from wed should double by today and double again by sunday.they are scanning again on april 12th.its just a long wait.i just hope my hcg level doubles which is a good indication of a healthy pregnancy. this is my first at 36yrs old,im keeping everything crossed,i hope everything is ok with you,try not to worry apparantly spotting is common.


Sheena - April 1

Hi Shannon... It seems we are in the same situation right now. According to my LMP I should be half way through my 8th week. I started getting light pink spotting and cramps so, they did blood work yesterday and an U/S today. According to the U/S I am only at about 5-6 weeks and like Helen indicates in her response, no heart beat. It seems no one knows what is going on and it is quite frustrating. I was pregnant last summer after trying for 4 years... had the same symptoms and miscarried the day after my U/S. I think we all need to keep our fingers crossed, pray and hope for the best. It is a very difficult thing to go through and I hope only the best for you. If your bleeding continues I would definitely seek the medical attention and follow your doctor's orders. You should not do any heavy lifting, avoid any stressors you might have and rest! Good Luck


helen wales - April 3

hi Shannon, Sheena.not good news for me i'm afraid,i had a blood test on wed which showed hcg level 874 to be a normal pregnancy the level should have doubled by fri,but fri test was only 892 had 3rd & final test today but i,ve been told to a__sume my pregnancy has ended,hope you both get better news


To Helen Wales - April 3

Helen I am so sorry for your loss. Lucy


To Helen - April 3

Im sorry to hear that... I wish you all the best. I can definitely appreciate what you are going through as like I said I went through that just last August and still feel the "pain"... if you need to talk feel free to email me... [email protected] Again, I am sorry and try to hang in there... xo



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