Spotting And VERY LOW Hcg

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Nikki L. - February 27

hi. my husband and i found out that we were pregnant on February 9th with a first response hpt that i took because i had some unusual light bleeding, and i had just had my last menstrual period which started on January 30th, well the test came back positive, so i made an appointment with my regular doctor - he gave me two urine tests which both came back negative, so he gave me a blood test which came back positive, but my hcg level was only 42 on that day, the next day my doc called and told me to go to the emergency room because he was afaid i was going to miscarry. The hospital did an hcg test and it was only 66. That friday on the 13th my ob/gyn sent me in for another hcg test and it was only 88. I went to see my ob/gyn this past monday, February 23rd - my hcg level was only 188. She did a pelvic exam and said everything looked okay, and since i am having no pain that she didn't think it was eptopic - even though i had to have emergency surgery for an eptopic pregnancy in 2007. I am still spotting red - usually only when i wipe though (sorry to be so graphic - but i need someone's opinion on this, please). I have asked for an ultrasound but my doc says she only thought i was 3 1/2 weeks as of this past monday and has my ultrasound scheduled for the 9th of march. what should i do? i am so scared that this is another eptopic pregnancy, or that i am miscarring or something else horrible. My husband and i have tried for so long to have a baby, this would be our first. - i also don't understand how i could only be 3 1/2 weeks pregnant on February 23rd, when i passed a hpt on February 9th??? Please help.


munchmom04 - February 28

Nikki L~ I would not stress about it at all, stress can do more harm. Hubby and I had been TTC for 3 years and never got our BFP until the 18th of FEb. I have low HCg levels first on the 23rd of Feb was 260 then on the 25th it was 440, but they keep going up. My RE told me that all is well if it keeps going up. Also that we should worry if it goes down. Just wait until after your sono and you should have a piece of mind then. We are scheduled for our first sono on the 11th of March. I have heard of some women having low HCg levels at the begining of pregnancy but deliver helathy babies. So keep your head up and all will be fine. Dont stress and just relax. Im praying for your helathy lil baby. Let me know how your sono went k


sarah21 - March 2

Nikki, I am so sorry that you're having these scares. I honestly think that sometimes taking hcg levels hurts more than it helps because levels can vary from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy and don't necessarily indicate what's going on with a pregnancy. I will keep praying for you to have peace until you can get some answers. Just try as hard as you can to take it moment by moment. As long as there is no bad cramping (mild cramping is totally normal!) and no heavy bleeding, try not to worry and just think happy thoughts about that growing little one inside of you. I know it's probably the hardest thing you'll ever have to do but it's the best you can do for that little one. I will keep you in my prayers and keep us updated!


jpasternack - November 16

What happened? I am in the very situation right now. Are you still pregnant? I'm extremely worried.



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