Spotting At 10 Weeks

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Reba - February 24

I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks...the heartbeat and fetus were fine. I continue to spot everyday. It is mainly brown, and sometimes pink. This is my 3rd baby, this did not happen for the first two. Has this happened to anyone else, what was the results.


becky - February 28

I'm in the same boat anyone been through the same..


Heather - March 1

happened to me.. and it turned out i had an erosion on my cervix and a low grade infection.. within a day of being on penicillin the spotting stopped and the infection is cleared up after finishing the penicillin. go have your cervix checked for an erosion would be my suggestion.


Angie - March 1

What does your doctor say? I woudln't worry about it too much. I'v heard that spotting is normal, it's only a concern if its' accompanied with cramps that are severe.


citrouille - March 2

Bleeding is always a concern so you should definetly contact your doctor. However if you have no cramping you are probably ok. Sometimes women spot after s_x because the cervix is gorged with blood and it can become irritated. Check it out with your doctor.


Karen - March 2

What about hurtful cramping but no spotting?


citrouille - March 2

cramping without spotting is definetly fine! It is just your uterus growing and pulling on ligaments. I've had pulling, pinching and cramping.


Kristina - March 2

Wow thats a relief, I also think with the lovely constapation factor sometimes cramping can be mistaken for having to go number 2, if you know what I mean.


Sarain - June 20

I had spotting from week 7-8. I'm at week ten now and the spotting has stopped, but I'm still getting cramps. I've read that many women spot in the first trimester, but its nothing to worry about as long as its not bright red blood. Its hard not to worry though..I know. I've also read in one of my pregnancy books that the risk of miscarriage goes down to less then 2% if you see/hear the heart beat by ten weeks.



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