Spotting At 5 Weeks

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angelamarils - March 26

I found out i was pregnant last Saturday which was the 18th of March. I went to see my family doctor on Friday March 24th and he told me that i was 5 weeks pregnant and my due date was November 24th. This is our first baby and my husband and i are extatic. However last night i started spotting, nothing to serious, really nothing actually but it scared me. So i went to a walk in clinic and the doctor told me that i had to go for blood tests, i am absolutley terriefied of needles, i just had a blood test on Friday and it was horrible, now he wants me to go for another one and then two days after that another one to test my hormones and make sure i am still pregnant, i really don't think it is necessary as the spotting has pretty much stopped and it is a very light brown, and was never red just a light pink and not even like a teaspoon worth. I need some advice and some opinions cause i am freakin out!!! Ange


christa0120 - March 26

If you are still pregnant you will need to get over you fear of needles!. They will be coming at you for a long time. They want to make sure your HCG levels are still rising sccordingly to r/o miscarriage, ectopic etc... Good luck to you!


angelamarils - March 26

As far as the needles yes i know i will have to get used to them and will take or get as many as i need to for the health of me and my baby, the question i have is, is this really necessary. The spotting is so little. Enough that i noticed it but like i said before not even a teaspoon worth, nothing thick, after reading a bunch of other posts about this sort of thing i think i am fine. My husband and i went to the walk in clinic fo rea__surance and then he told me to go for tests. I will do it if it is necessary but i don' t think it is, do you think i should go anyway?


SuzieQ - March 26

You should definitely go! Most likely, it's either "old blood" from implantaion or it's from the egg 'snuggling' in as my ultrasound tech told me. :) Best wishes



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