Spotting At 6 Weeks

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Jenny - July 6

I just went to the bathroom and saw two drops of blood with my urine. I don't have any cramps or anything. Should I be worried?


Lea - July 6

was it red...or brown? at this point, I wouldn't be over-worried. But most drs recommend that you rest and get your feet up if you have spotting this early. alot of times getting that rest will help stop that/any bleeding. however, if it continues or gets heavier I would definitely call your doctor.


Jenny - July 6

It was red which is why I'm concerned. My dr did tell me that brown spotting is normal but this was definitely red and not brown. Thanks for your advice. I'll keep my feet up and hope that was the end of the bleeding.


lbw - July 6

Jenny, I have the same problem, except, I had some clotting also. My doc. prescribed at least a week of bedrest. This is difficult for a working woman, but I am following her advice. Keep us posted. I haven't had the red spotting since I've been in bed, only brown (twice a day). I have another appointment on Friday, so I'll keep you posted. Good luck.


Michele - July 10

I had some brown spotting Saturday. Of course, I freaked out and went to the Emergency Department. There, I had a transv____al ultrasound and a regular ultrasound done and they both found baby's heartbeat (and a right ovarian cyst). So far, no cramping or anything. I've rested all weekend, but my problem is that I'm a nursing student. I have my final clinical rotation starting Thursday in the ICU (12h/3days per week). So, I have to go to school. Do I just make sure my instructors know what's going on and sit down if I start spotting at work?


lbw - July 10

Michele, I would see how it goes tomorrow, and if you have to, then you can tell them what's going on. I didn't tell anyone at work, but then again, they all thought I had the flu. I have read that you can inform people you work before the second trimester if you are in a high risk category. I have held out so far, but see how it goes.



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