Spotting At Six Weeks

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jenn W - February 24

Hi Ladies, I started spotting lightly and I'm at 6 weeks. I am a little nervous, but I've also heard that it might be normal. I'm not cramping, just spotting. I do have back pain though, but I've had it for the past few weeks. One of my friends is exactly 2 days behind me in her pregnancy an she started spotting too. (I started Friday and now it's Sunday, she started today, so exactly the same day as me) We are both worried and I thought I'd ask if anyone else had been through this. I'd appreciate any info you have. I spotted brown on Friday, then a little pink on Saturday, and then this morning (Sunday) when I first woke up I wiped and saw a good amount of spotting....but now it's nothing. So, I'm wondering if it built up over night. Well, I've worn a panty liner for the past three days and nothing has made it to the panty liner. Any thoughts ladies????? Thanks so much!


Saird - February 24

This is my third pregnancy, I"ve had it like every time. Don't worry. I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow and I still keep getting some brown spotting.


jenn W - February 24

ever any pink Saird? It's pink now....and it's only when I wipe.....same thing with my friend....and it's just so weird we had it happen at the same time. Thanks for your reply!


stefkay - February 24

jenn W, it could be nothing but always report any spotting at all to your doctor right away. Mine always told me that. My OB and a fertility specialist who dealt extensively with recurrent miscarriage told me that 25% of women will spot and/or bleed in early pregnancy and of that 25%, 50% will go on to have full term pregnancies.


jenn W - February 24

Thanks Stefkay...I'm calling my doctor first thing tomorrow (Monday) morning. I know that there isn't much they can do if I am m/c, but I'm praying I'm not and they can rea__sure me that everything is okay. I am about to go lay down for the rest of the day with my feet up....and I just keep praying!


jenn W - February 24

I meant to write thank you for commenting, but for some reason my computer submitted my comment before I could finish. Thank you and if anyone else has had a similar experience I'd love to know.... Thanks and baby dust to all.... Jenn


Krissy25 - February 24

Jenn, I had it go both ways for me. The first time i was pregnant, i spotted around 7 weeks, it started off small but everyday there was more and more and it was bright red, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Then i got pregnant again a few months later and to my dismay i started to spot again at 5 weeks and it was pink. I was very scared but it only lasted a few days and disappeared and it never happened again, and i went on to have a healthy girl 9 months later. I think the fact that it seems to have stopped is a good sign. But yes, still call your doctor tomorrow and report what has happened, they may tell you to just keep an eye on it or they may ask to see you and do some blood work to see what your hcg levels are at. I can't say for sure but it doesn't hurt to ask if you can be seen earlier or if they can at least observe your hcg levels over the next week, if they are doubling that is a good sign. Good luck.


jenn W - February 25

Thanks Krissy. I'm going to call today in the hopes they'll tell me to get a blood test today and then again on Wednesday when I have my appointment. This morning I still have no spotting and I was thanking God for that. I just hope it wasn't anything major and that the rest of my pregnancy will be smooth sailing. I was talking to one of my friends last night and we were wondering why it could never be easy. I tried to get pregnant for 14 months and finally thought we'd have smooth sailing and then the spotting started and I was so upset. If nothing else, I'm realizing how much this baby means to me. Baby dust to you all!!!!!!


jessica72 - February 27

Jenn, in my case my first pregnancy I had like one day of light brown spotting and that one ended in a missed m/c around 8 weeks. The second pregnancy, I started spotting brown, pink and then streaks of red and that lasted till about 8 weeks. I thought for sure when I first saw it, we were losing the baby again, but around 8 weeks, it stopped, saw the heartbeat and went on to have a healthy little girl who is now 10 months old. So it could be implantation bleeding. My doctor said sometimes that lasts up till 10 weeks. Good luck!



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