Spotting Morning After Sex

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MrsSandy - February 5

i am 5 weeks pg and had s_x last night this morning when i got up to go to the bathroom i had a light pink color when i know i have checked 100 times since then and nothing...i call the dr and he and the nurse is out so i talked 2 the lady at the desk and she said that was fine...has anyone had this to happen to them this early....i just m/c in Nov so you know why i am worried....anyone been here b4


sarah21 - February 5

I personally haven't had that but I just wanted to give you rea__surance while you wait for some people who have experienced it. It is totally, absolutely, completely normal to spot after s_x. Your cervix has increased blood supply and the blood vessels are more sensitive and prone to bleeding from the slightest irritation (like s_x). If it makes you uncomfortable you might want to wait on the s_x until the 2nd trimester but if it doesn't bother you than there is no reason to not continue being intimate. It doesn't hurt the baby at all. And I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Happy and healthy pregnancy to you!


MrsSandy - February 5

Sarah Thanks for the quick response and for the advice....It doesnt bother me but i think i will wait like you again


llukenjess - February 5

I have heard of this happening ALOT!! not to me personally, but just as long as you don't have BAD cramp and RED blood i think you're ok. Good luck to you!


MissP - February 5

Hi MrsSandy - yes i experienced it last time - i had spotting both times i had s_x at around 5 or 6 wks, and then the doc told me to stop until after 12 weeks...anyway, i rested a lot but then at 12wks the baby had no heartbeat - a missed mc. That was in Oct. Not sure if its the same as what happened to you - but anyway im now 5wks too and having the same worries. Me and the dh have done it twice since i got my bfp - very gently tho - and i havent had spotting this time. So...i would either stop or just take it very easy is my advice. I know people and doctors say that s_x is ok when your pregnant, but when youve had a mc its not so simple because you dont know why you lost it so anything could be the cause! I wish you all the best with this and hope the spotting stops for you...i think ive seen you on the oct ladies board too! Keep us updated!! x x



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