Starting A Second Family Worries

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Weary & Worried - December 10

I am a mature person pregnant for the first time, my husband has grown up children from a previous marriage and his elderly parents have said that they hope we decide not to have children,(with the unspoken "at our age") my parents are unfortunately both dead - I am just so worried about telling my husband's adult offspring and his parents it is taking a huge edge of my joy, I just don't want to face telling them - My husband is happy and wants to tell the world, which is wonderful but I have asked him not to say anything to anyone for a while yet, and as it is still early he has agreed, but the real reason is that what I am expecting his family's reaction to be, has anyone else been in a similar situation?, does anyone have any reassuring words?


jean - December 10

It is a blessing if this happened naturally - just keep thinking of that and not worry about what others say. You are not asking them for money to raise your child. It is between you and your husband. If they are upset, they will get over it. If they don't, it is not your problem - just focus on the biggest positive here - so many people struggle to conceive and it has happened for you. You should really enjoy that feeling more than anything. Best way to deal with them is to ignore them and not really get affected by their reaction either way.


Nikki - December 16

I know how it feels to have a negative reaction from your family about a pregnancy that you are ecstatic about. It is painful and a source of depression. I know it is hard, but try not to let their reactions interefere with your joy. When I told my mother that my husband and I was expecting our first child, her reaction was not a good one. We are now expecting our second baby July 30, and I dreaded telling her the news, but she had a much better att_tude about it this time, and kept any negativity she may have had to herself. Maybe it won't be as bad as you think.


B - December 20

I think that when you are sure the baby is healthy and you are at lower risk of mc that you should tell the family and be happy!! Who cares what they think! This is WONDERFUL news!!You should be able to be happy about this! You are grown and I'll bet your DH's grown children will be thrilled to have a new brother/sister! God Bless you and your Baby!!



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