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Nervousmommy2b - September 26

Hello everyone. I am due on April 23, 2008. So I am 10 weeks. I am 5'7 and weighed 117 pre-pregnancy. I now weigh a little over 120. This is my first child. Is it too early for me to be showing? I think I am but everyone else says no. I've always heard that you don't show until after the 4th month during your first pregnancy. I know everyone is different but I was just curious. Thanks everyone!


kay101 - September 26

It really depends on your body. I didn't show till about 4 months with my first, but a friend of mine already had a baby bump at 8 weeks. She wasn't bloated and was deffinately a little bump.


ash2 - September 26

Some women show alot earlier. I know with my first i showed around 12 weeks. With my second, i showed around 8 weeks.


another Karen - September 26

Hello. with my first I was probably about 12 weeks before I noticed any change, I lost my waist before any bump appeared, that was what made my clothes too tight at first. I don't know now with my second. I had a c section so I think I've looked like a wind sock ever since.


ChattyKathy - September 26

Remember that you know your body really well, so all those little differences that other people don't pick up on you do. You probably feel pretty big right now, but most people wont even be able to tell a difference! However, I will say that I doc_mented my last pregnancy with weekly pictures and I could tell a definite difference between week 11 and 12, so you very well could be STARTING to show, but not showing just yet!


sarah21 - September 27

I began bloating bad enough to get out of regular pants at about 6 weeks. I got really deep red marks from my pants but I had actually lost 5 pounds. I have since gained 2.5 pounds back and am in my 14th week and really starting to pop out. I noticed I started popping out, though, right about 10 weeks. That's when I could feel my uterus above my pelvic bone and definitely saw a change (and other people did, too) even though this is my first child. So everyone is different but you're definitely getting into the right time frame to start pooching out a bit. And your weight gain is good, too.


sarah21 - September 27

Oh and if you want to look at a lot of belly pics to give you an idea of what is really possible, go to (with the dashes-- if you take the dashes out it takes you to a nasty site) and look at the picture gallery. There are a TON of pics up and you can see how women really vary.


NicoleM - September 27

I am only 6 weeks, but have been bloated almost from the beginning to where I only fit into pants that were loose on me before. My b___bs are also about 1/2 cup size larger. I haven't gained any weight yet though. I am pretty small though - only 5 feet and 100 lbs, so maybe that makes it easier to notice the change right away.


Cevvin - September 27

I bet you have a beautiful baby bump!


ttc#1 - September 27

NicoleM I am glad to hear I am not alone! I will be 6 weeks on Saturday and I am already feeling like my pants are too tight and had to go buy a new bra! If I continue at this rate I won't be able to fit into anything!! I am so bloated I feel miserable most of the time. The worst part is my 1st doctor's appt. isn't until the 5th so I don't know if any of this is normal!!


steffie - September 28

I have a basket ball belly 8 weeks pregnant...and gained 10 pounds anyone wanna trade??? ;)


sarah21 - September 28

It is absolutely normal. A combination of growing uterus, more gas than usual, bloating, and just a general whole heck of a lot of new things going on down there causes changes. You'll probably notice it will even out for a bit. Well maybe not the b___st growth... I tried to put on a pre-pregnancy bra and had to laugh at myself. It was not even covering half of my b___sts. I'm a DD now and will probably end up about an F before it's all finished...


reneenay - September 28

I am almost 7 weeks and haven't noticed a change in myself, other than some bigger b___bs and bloating. But according to your height/weight you would be likely to start showing sooner, since you started off very slender. Ha! I weighed as much as you pre-pregnancy, but I'm 7 inches shorter than you! Congrats! I can't wait to get my baby-bump!


cynthia502 - September 28

I am 11+weeks with my 4th and put on my regular jeans no problem today, although, I noticed they were a little snugger than last time. So, I guess it is only a matter of time now! My b___bs are defintely bigger though! Enjoy every minute ladies...before you know it, you will be popped out and waddling while you walk!!! :-)


sarah21 - September 28

Yep and every day you'll say "Now where did that come from?"


Sprinkles - October 3

Hello! I am new to this site and I had to say something here... I am pregnant for the 2nd time (my daughter is 11 yrs old! ) and the first pregnancy I was about 5 months before i really showed- This time I am 4 weeks and already my pants are uncomfortable... I kinda even wonder if tight jeans could hurt the pregnancy so I am going to but some new pants this weekend. I feel bloated,and I feel like I am showing already and when i go to hold my stomach in I can't do it my muscles feel tight.. don't know if this info helps anyone just thought I would share!


sarah21 - October 3

I would worry about restricting blood flow by wearing tight pants. Plus they're just stinkin' uncomfortable.



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