Still Gaining Too Much Weight

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Nat22 - May 29

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about weight gain, but I'm still having a problem with it! I am 10 weeks and have gained a lot more than I should have. I've been eating healthy and exercising more than I was before I got preg. I think the problme is the fact that I hardly even ate before I got preg (it's a bad way of staying thin but I worked for me so I've done this for a long time). Now I have to eat all the time or I get very nauseous. I'm thinking that I'm gaining so much weight because of my lack of eating before the pregnancy. Should I be concerned or just keep eating healthy and ignore the scale? I'm getting so depressed every time I step on the scale... has anyone else had this problem? Please help...I'm tired of feeling like I'm the only pregnant one that has gained more than 1 pound so far!


bbnumb2 - May 30

Well I am not sure how much you've gained but I feel like I am packing it on as well I am only 9 weeks and have gained 5 pounds but almost none of my pants fit and I feel like my belly is already big. I started out under weight as well and I think maybe when your a bit under weight your body NEEDS to gain more weight in the beggining don't worry you will lose it all when you have the baby you sound healthy and as long as you eat well and excercise your all good.


buffy2297 - May 30

Gaining weight is the natural and excpetable part of pregnacy. Continue to eat healthy your baby will need all the nutrients is can get. I really wouldn't worry as long as you get a healthy baby at the end. You can lose the weight when you've had the baby. Have you had a scan yet? Could you be expecting twins? With twins you do gain mire weight thatn with a single birth. Enjoy it, it's the only time you have an excuse for putting on a few pounds. You also could be carrying water, which can happen. I really really wouldn't worry. Good luck.


Nat22 - June 1

Thank you for your kind words.... I had my first scan 2 weeks ago (at week 8) and all looked normal... wasn't twins, which was somewhat of a relief :-) I have gained about 7 pounds already and I am only 10w2d. My OB said that I should stop worrying about my weight right now because then I will start obsessing about it, which of course is not good. I don't know if I'm retaining a lot of water as well because most of the weight looks like it has gone to my now very bloated belly. Maybe I'm just getting too self-concious and worried about it. I'm glad that i am not the only one that has put on a few extra pounds already! Thanks for the support ladies... I know we all need it :-)


Erin333 - June 1

Nat, you sound like me. Before I got pregnant with my first, I really only ate dinner and a snack. I was never hungrey for breakfast or lunch and so it wasn't like I was starving myself. It did help me stay thin and therefore, I didnt want to change it even though people told me it was really unhealthy. I am 5'4'' and weighed 115 pre-pregnancy. I felt like I better start eating breakfast lunch and dinner when I got pregnant because I wanted the baby to be healthy. I didnt eat all junk food or anything, I had my weaknesses, but for the main part I stayed healthy. However by the time I had my daughter I weighed 155. I had gained 40 pounds. Even after going back to my eating schedule and dancing four times a week, I never got back below 125 again. Three years later I started out pre-pregnancy at 125 and have already gained 25. I'm sooo afraid I will baloon up to 170 this time and wont be able to get back down below 140. The worst is hearing people say I'm not gaining weight HELP!!! All I want to say is just be happy and shut up.


lorih - June 2

Don't worry too much. When I was pregnant with my first I gained 15 lbs in the 1st trimester but didn't gain a pound in the second. So it ended up balancing out. Good luck!


nursej - June 6

well i am 7 weeks 2 days preg, and so far i have gained 2.7 lbs, i am medium framed pre pregnancy anyway, but lately the lbs have been picking up along with my appet_te.


hayleyc - June 6

Hiya Nat22, I have also been worrying about my weight gain. I am 8w1d and have already gained 8lb. Pre-pregnancy I weighed 116lb and am 5'5". I am so hoping that it evens out. I dont think I'll ever get back to the weight I was and this is only just the start...I am also eating really healthy, but everyone is trying to convince me that I was underweight before and my body needs it for the baby... I hope their right. But on the hole I try not to worry, a slight weight gain is such a small price to pay for that bundle of joy at the end.. and you can always diet after. xxx



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