Still In Denial Amp Nightmares During Pregnancy

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Elizabeth - April 18

Did any of you misbelieve your dr's and the HPTS until you got your first ultrasound? I know I'm pregnant but it still hasn't settled in. I quit smoking the moment I got a positive on my home digital test. Took 2 more digital tests that week at home, both quick positives reading PREGNANT. Went to doctor, they did a quantative hCG test, it came back 140,614. So I'm obviously now about 8 weeks along (a week after the blood test). I go in to the OB-GYN first time tomorrow..boyfriend is coming with me and for some reason I'm worried that despite all this I'm not pregnant... I think I'm afraid to let myself get too excited until I see a heartbeat on an ultrasound etc... And at this point, what does the ob-gyn do on your first visit? I imagine a pelvic exam and order another blood test and possibly a urine test as well to make sure everything is regular and going smoothly..someone told me they may do a transva___al ultrasound to see the gestational sac but I'm not sure about that...they said they wouldn't do an ultrasound until around 11-12 weeks. Just still in denial I think...I have all the signs and all the tests, just still afraid of going into the doctor and them saying "Sorry, everything was wrong, you're just dying" or something to that effect. Also, did anyone else have horrible nightmares during early pregnancy? I've dreamed cannibals are eating me, dinosaurs are hunting me, tornados are striking, and even that my boyfriend's son suffocated our newborn baby when we brought her or him home from the hospital. I'm getting up 5-6 times a night to pee and just because I can't sleep striaght through, even though I am EXHAUSTED and beyond fatigue. I'm also about to finals at college, so that may be adding to my stress which could be triggering my nightmares...just wondered if anyone else experienced such horrible dreams.


Lily - April 18

Elizabeth....I had the same problems...I'm almost still in denial that I'm 11 weeks and a few days...For me, it just doesn't feel like I've been pregnant long enough for my first trimester to be almost over...At my first ob appointment, they took a urine test, drew blood, did a pelvic exam, pap smear and did a transv____al ultrasound. My husband was there...He said it was awesome to see the baby first...Although I don't think he was too impressed with all the other stuff. LOL...We even got to see baby's heartbeat, which was all I was concerned about. At our next appointment, we'll know the s_x of the baby. At 8 weeks, I'm sure you should see a heart beat, but don't quote me on it. Search this site and look for the stages of pregnancy, you should be able to find out when you'll see a heart beat. And your vivid dreams? Those are SO normal. I can't even take a nap about dreaming about something. Trust me, mine are just as gruesome, gory and very detailed...I even tasted something in one of my dreams that I absolutely dispise! You mentioned getting up to pee in the night. Try limiting your water or liquid intake 2 hours before you go to bed...if you can help it....that might help you pee less at night and allow you to sleep the whole way through. If you'd like to talk more, you're welcome to email me. [email protected]


Jolleen - April 18

Elizabeth i am going through the same exact thing im in denial also ive had 2 positive pregnancy test have the symptoms im even starting to show but i just can't get it in my head that i really am, my whole family and bf already know im scared that im gonna go for my first visit and say your not pregnant its a cyst or something i too have nightmares i know im pregnant i just can't get it in my head that i am im not gonna be able to believe anything until i see it on a u/s im so stressed worried that im not pregnant despite what the tests say, i feel like im goin nuts cause everytime i get cramping i freak out "oh no im not pregnant my period is coming!" i need to get a u/s before i really do go nuts. good luck with everything


Carol - April 18

I have had an u/s already and even heard the heartbeat (10 weeks) and I still don't feel pg. I don't know when it will really set it. I do know that even though this was somewhat planned, I am not excited about it. In fact, I am almost dreading it - does anyone else feel this way? I guess I am just so tired now, I can't imagine what it will be like later and I am not interested in b___stfeeding, but feel pressured to do so, and the thought of labor grosses me out.... AHHHHH! When will this end! Mother nature is so evil. She makes pg looks so wonderful and has us all wanting it and then it happens and you realize that it is noooo picnic!


Jo - April 18

I am not in denial but i am having nightmares, i woke up last night breathing hard when i dreamt that someone was breaking in. i had a miscarriage in february so i know i have alot of anxiety right now and its giving me bad sleep nights and bad dreams.


NickieDo - April 19

I too felt the same way, I had HORRIBLE nightmares about miscarriage every night for a span of just over 2 weeks. I had dreams of strange people stealing the baby from my womb. It was all very unsettling. But I had my 1st U/S today and the baby is fine! They did my U/S regularly and the baby was positioned perfect. So don't fret too hard, the U/S really eased all of the tension and worry. Good Luck!


Jessica Ruiz - June 2

Elizabeth... I am 2months, 1week and 4days i am not in denial that i am pregnant but i used to be until i went to the clinic and the lady at the clinic had said congradulations you're pregnant thats when i started throwing up at my seventh week. I have been through a lot of stress lately and i have had horrible nightmares last sunday 2 of my best friends that i had thought were best friends any how new i had a jug of money in my house and i had over 2grand in it i was saving it for mexico for a sweet 15 instead of 16 and my dad had been saving money in there for my car well... These girls were always at my house and knew there way around i have known them for about 3 years so i wouldn't ever think that they would come to my house and still the money well i was so wrong sunday night when i left my house to go to the beach i she had planned out a way to get the money well both of the sisters had been hanging out with my boyfriends sister so when they came to my house the back door we had always left it open the three girl got a guy which i know brought him to my house and had him get the jug of money while the three girls waited in the car. Tuesday the day i was supposed to be in school. My mom had found out that the money was gone well she thought that me and my boyfriend had took it and ran off becuase i was not in school that day. I was at the doctors office to be able to set a date to get a ultrosound done. Well i get a call my two friends which were the ones that took the money said that my boyfriends grandmother called and said that my mom was going to call the police on me and i called her back aske her why my boyfriends grand mother had said because the jug of money was missing. I told the girl to take me home and i met up with my mom there but the thing was my mom didn't know i was going to show up there. so when i did she told me to leave that she did not want to see my face i told her that i wanted to find out what happened and that i didn't do it so i left later that day about 1or 2 hours later my boyfriend met us a portsvile to swim with his sister cuz we had picked her up from her brothers house because he kicked her off his property for i didn't know what reason at that time well he told me when he got there to tell the girls to take me home because they had took the money he told me everything i asked him how he knew and he said cause his sister was there and he had cought his sister in a lie and she told him everything that happened i went straight home told them i didn't feel good and called my mom told her to come home that i knew everything that happened she said she was coming and the police would be calling the police hadn't called but my mom had showed up 5min. later a women police had showed up i told my mom and the police everything that had happened and ever since that night i have had nightmares that the guy that the girls had brought to my house to get the money was at my house and wanting to kill me sometimes it would be different ways that he would try like coming from somewhere out the dark with a gun trying to kil me in my stomach or staring at me in the window witha mask coming towards me with a plastic bag and a rope it's very scary cause i wake up to me screaming to get image of the dream out of my head and crying i keep all doors and windows locked but i still don't feel safe my mother doesn't live with me and my dad took a trip to mexico so all i have is my two little sisters and little brother last night i had the same dream about him stand ing at my window and i couldn't even sleep i am scared to go to sleep at night i am scared to turn off the lights i even scared to turn off the t.v or go out side i can't wait till this pa__ses threw and i have my baby and i wishing and hoping that these are just nightmares and they don't ever come true.


Lisa - July 8

Elizabeth, I know the feeling you're having. I am 7 1/2 wks pregnant and I still don't believe it. I went to the doc to get a v____al ultrasound, all was well, but still have a hard time believing it. My husband and I have tried for so long and know that it is finally happening I am scared I am not going to enjoy it b/c it is so surreal. I am scared to do anything b/c I think I will cause a miscarriage. The dreams are just awful and so is the fatigue. I am so excited yet still in such shock! Anyway, congratulations!



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