Still In Shock 5 Weeks Pregnant How To Tell Bf

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missy - November 22

lately i had been tired dizzy and queezy. so i went to planned parenthood and found out i was 5 weeks pregnant. this was quite a shock. me and my boyfriend werent really planning this but we werent really tryin to prevent it either if u know what i mean. i dont feel pregnant so i'm still in shock and disbelief. i am happy though i know a baby is a blessing i need in my life right now. as a matter of fact one of my close friends found out she too was 6 weeks pregnant a couple of days ago so we'll be going thru it together which is a plus. my only anxiety is my boyfriend suggested a couple of days ago that i go on birth control becuz he's making moves in his career and a baby would severely cripple that and slow him down. I just don't know how to break it to him. i just cant bring myself to crush his dreams. what do i do???


Missy - November 23

Tell him straight away - this if your life partner, the father of the child.. prepare for him to be shocked at first but I am sure he will come around, trust me, the longer you leave it, the harder it will get..


missy - November 23

thanx um...Missy lol i appreciate the advice


Gina - November 25

Well, it may be hard to hear yet it may be a blessing my daughter is two and she never knew her father. The day I told him was the last day I saw him. We are better without him and I am w someone now who has taken on the daddy role and is better to her than my 'sperm donor' ever would have been. But tell him, and be prepared for a wave of emotions. If he loves you he will come around.


missy - November 26

thank u Gina. I told him, and he's accusing me of ruining his life! i dont think he realizes how much he's breaking my heart. he wants me to get an abortion and he's being so cold and caluss toward me right now, I've been crying myself to sleep. he's acting as though i stole his sperm or something. i dont know what to do. i dont see him ever changing his mind. i knew he wouldnt take it well but i never would have thought it would be this bad. i already love this baby and as much as i love my boyfriend i dont think i can bring myself to get an abortion.


Jessica - November 26

Missy just give him some time. Men are very strange when these kind of things happen especially when it is not planned. I am sure he will come around but he needs time to soak this all in. You have to think what a big responsibilty this is on both of you but to a man its a lot more in his mind. How am I going to support them and will I be a good father etc.. Try not to stress out to much because it is not good for you or the baby. Things happen for a reason and you are blessed. I would not have the abortion just because he wants you to. You may regret it forever. Anyway, try to relax and just give him some time. Congratulations!!!!


missy - November 26

thank u jessica i hope u r right


Mindy - November 26

Missy- Don't let him talk you into something you will regret and feel guilty about for the rest of your life. He can't put all the blame on you, he had his part in it. Give him some time. In the mean time, do you have support around you, like your family? I hope everything works out for you and your little one. I'll be praying for your tonight. God Bless!!


missy - November 26

thank u Mindy. Yes I do have my mom she is my rock, i dont know where i'd be without her. i also have my sister and some great friends i'll definitely be needing their support.thank you for your prayrs


tam - December 16

with our first child my boyfriend at the time now hes my husband made it very clear he wanted no more children he had one from a previouse relationship and was angry about child support and not seeing the chlid at all because she lived in a different state. then i became pregnant at first i to got the same reaction obortion, and i to was hurt and then i started noticing that it wasnt me or the pregnancy but a deeper problem, a feeling of betrayal by replacing one child with another, not being married, more child support like the last one which was killing him, afraid he wouldnt be a good dad because of the past issues with his other son not being able to see him. but i stuck to my guns and comforted him and let him know that no matter what im not going anywhere and that the most important thing for me as far as this baby goes is that it has two parents not one and even if our relationship didnt work out we could split custody in half no child support at all just a happy kid with two parents that love him. and then he saw our son c section i thought that i wasnt even part of the whole thing he took over so quick that he left me on the table in the operating room and left for the niku with the baby my father caught him in the hallway crying because they were taking our son there my father said if it was an emergency they wouldnt be walking theyde be running after he calmed down he meet me in recovery, and stayed all four days never leaving the hospital once he woke me up every night there at around 2 am saying he was going down to feed the baby. i couldnt believe it. him and our son are so attached at the hip im happy for both of them now we have little girl and life has never been better for. you cant buy what i have and theres no greater dream in life then a family of your own no matter what your job is the benifits are unbelivable. toothfairy, santa, easterbunny, no promotion offers that.



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