Still No Morning Sickness At 8 Weeks

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ezwaggy - May 24

I haven't had any morning sickness and I have really dry mouth - I thought I was supposed to have excessive saliva? I started spotting yesterday and now have an u/s scheduled Friday - i've heard the no m/s means higher risk of miscarriage - is this true? I'm starting to think i might really be losing my baby...


Chris23 - May 24

I've read that no morning sickness means nothing in terms of miscarriage. I also had none up until today. Consider yourself lucky. I was hoping I'd get away without it...


emilymalm - May 24

Not all women get m/s and many continue to have healthy babies. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. I thought all women got constipated, but I never have (knock on wood).


ezwaggy - May 24

Thanks ladies, I think I'm just going to be in a constant freak-out until my appointment this Friday. My mother never told me pregnancy could be this scary!


snowbaby - May 24

ezwaggy - Hey dont worry too much. i am 7w6d and so far no morning sickness.. the only thing i have is sore b___bs..which i manage wearing a bigger sized bra. Other than that i am quite ok. my mum tells me she never had any m/s when she had me too :-)


pinkrox87 - May 24

enjoy having no morning sickness... i didnt have any sickness until 7 weeks when BAM!!! It hit me he and now im 12 weeks today and i have 24 hour sickness... mind to i am carrying twins... i dunno if that makes much of a difference... but i would enjoy it... i know my mother thinks its hilarious coz she had no morning sickness in any of her five pregnancies... so says that i have all of hers.... :) i cant wait til it goes away.


Cookie - May 25

Hi, i'm 11 weeks today and had no morning sickness at all, a few small bouts of quesiness but that's about it, my dr said not to worry and I was lucky..I saw my baby for a 2nd time this past monday when I was 10W4d and it's bouncing around in there having a good o'le hang tight...also I had slight staining right at 8 weeks when I was expecting my period and the dr. said that it was common, and it hasn't occured since...good luck and baby dust!!!!



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