Stomach Pains

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louise - August 16

i was just wondering if u still get the symptoms of gettting your period when u are about 5 weeks pregnant . and do u get pains in your sides


sunshine - June 22

i am 6 weeks and at first i thought i was going to get my period because it was pretty much the same symtoms, at the same times as normal.i haven't had any pains in my sides though.


ladyley - July 16

yes you do, I know I felt like I was going to get my period and the sides will hurt throughout pregnancy because that is your tendons stretching


Jennie - July 17

I am close to 7 weeks pregnant and felt both. The pain in your sides are round ligament pains. I just verified with my doc this week. Good Luck!


kla - August 16

my husband and i are trying to get pregnant and im having some problems someone please help. im going for blood work tommorwo morning but it seems when you want to be pregnant knowing 5 mins from now isnt soon enough. i havent had any morning sick ness or anything but ive been feeling something in my stomach. almost contant for a month. like i did 1000 to many situps. without having done a one. my lower back my sides and my stomach feel complete different. like period cramps without my period comming. my last period arrived two weeks early which im entire life has never happened. it was very very pale pink and only last a few days. it was a light spotting not a period. and i havent gotten a nother one since..... im wondering if this could mean im finally pregnant.... please email me as well. my husband is in the military and will leave in one week to go over seas . anyone have any cute and good ways to tell him i am with child ... a surprise if you will instead of just * weere pregnant* hes waited so long i want this to be special .


H - October 7

I am 9 weeks pregnant and i have got like period pains in my stomach, i have had two misscarrages before and am so scared its going to happen again, i have already had an early scan and saw the heartbeat but keep thinking the worst. Is it normal to have bad type of period pains at 9 weeks.


t - October 7

any bad pain needs to be checked out. anything that doesn't feel right needs a doctors attention. better safe than sorry! louise, when your ligaments etc stretch, you get these localized cramps. but nothing severe. if it's bad, go to the dr


Louise - October 30

H, i am with you there. I just found out i am pregnant and i am so worried incase i have another miscarriage as have had one before. I am getting that crampy feeling and i also got that weird feeling up your side, it bothered me that much i couldnt sleep with it, its so uncomfortable. I am about 5 weeks. All i need to say is your near the 12th week so once thats you there, theres no need to worry as thats when the time for you to start glowing.


Donna - November 2

This is the first time on this site and please forgive me for sending this - i am not trying to put the fear of god into you but would get to your doctor as soon as possible. I have had two experiences like yours, one with a lot of pain on my right side and one without , turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy where the baby had got stuck in my tube. Please get this checked out as soon as possible. I did experience other normal symptoms of pregnancy - of course I was pregnant, but the baby had not reached the womb.


Kelly - November 2

I remember when I was pregnant with my two kids, I always have those side pains in my stomach before...I had a healthy baby though......


stephanie - November 8

Hi girls when you say you have pain in side, Where in your side are you talking about. And can your ligament start to stretch at four to five weeks prgnant.


karelyn - November 19

no and yes i dont get symptoms of my period when i was 5 weeks along. but now that i am 5 months i get really bad side pains and sometimes my stomach is way to tender to touch


Mrs. CeeCee - November 22

Just the other day I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I have an 17 to be 18 year old child and I have lost my second baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. This will be my third pregnancy if I am pregnant my worries are that I might have another similar pregnancy like the second pregnancy. What should I do? I know the holidays are coming up and I am going out of town with my family for Thanksgiving should I visit my doctor before my trip out of town by Wednesday. I experience a little fullness and a few cramps but I try to ignore them and say it's just gas every once in a while. I'm not cramping to where I feel I'm having severe pain or anything.


w - November 23

I am coming up to 12 weeks and still have symptoms of period pains in my stomache. I think it's all part of u growing inside!!


michelle - December 6

just found out im pregnant and im between 5 and 7 weeks and i feel like im getting my period is that normal and why


ann - December 9

kla. i think you should go get a sonogram done and get it confirmed and once you know you are pregnant for sure i think you should hand him the sonogram picture and tell him that this is our new family member i think that will be very cute .......... i hope u like my idea n all the best in advance


kate - December 11

I have had alot of this cramping and uncomfort, I have 2 grown children and never remember any discomfort like this.I am wondering if all this is due to the fact I am out of shape at 39!I'm no where near over weight but stomach muscles...HAH!



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