Strange But Curious

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~M.L~ - April 13

I am wondering if any of you ladies get your nails done with either acrylic or gel? Some people are telling me I shouldn't and I should ge them removed and others are telling me its fine and just ensure I am wearing a mask when I get them done. Any thoughts? I don't see my doctor until later this month so, I can't ask him until then.... thanks.


Catherine - April 13

M.L.- There is a very informative thread about this under the Q&A topic "What to Expect." Hope it's helpful!


lilmum - April 13

i had my nails done, i just went in very early to make sure there weren't any other fumes in the salon. I have heard it should be ok (and hair dying as long as you don't go blond), but right before your baby is born may not be a good idea. They had to take ALL my polish, fake nails and EVERYTHING of my nails before my emergency c-sec, so they can keep an eye on circulation?? (told me the true colour of your finger and toe nails is very important) so you might not want to waste your money on something the nurses will remove anyway.


leigh - April 14

M L hi there - my doc says that millions of ppl have had their nails done and had healthy babies. Hair dye no problem ... sushi in moderation chineese ppl also have babies .. sun bed .. if you're on it long enough to give your baby sun burn then I think you will be suffering from 3rd degree burns ..... lots and lots of old wives tales.... hope this helps - cheers m'dears


~M.L~ - April 14

Thanks for the response ladies... My sister-in-law who is a RN advised me about the circulation thing so; I decided to take them off just in case.... but I will keep my appointment for the hair... don't need the gray showing... getting fat so at least need to have decent hair! lol. thanks again for the responses and I appreciate it.


SRG - April 15

Hi M.L, I am now just over 10 weeks pregnant, I have been wearing acrylic overlays on my nails for the last 12 years, the moment I found out I was pregnant I went and had them removed. My nails ar so soft now, and look horrible, but I rather be safe than sorry. As well do you really want the nails once the baby is here? So I figure by November they should be strong again. Good Luck, and have an easy pregnancy!



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