Strange Question On Bowel Movements

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Susanna - December 10

I heard you should not do any rigorous exercises or "bear down", I would assume as if "pushing". What if you are constipated or have trouble sometimes with bowel movements. Is it bad to make the effort to push? Thanks.


E - December 10

I have often wondered the same as I sometimes feel like I am going to see my baby in the toilet instead of my poop.


Christine - December 10

This is an interesting that I have thought of while sitting on the toilet...I'm not really concerned with it yet because I'm only almost 23 weeks...for the baby to come out you have to be at least somewhat dialated...that doesnt usually start until the last month...good question though...I will be asking next visit


Stefanye - December 11

You should increase your fluid intake. If you can drink at least eight gla__ses of water a day, it should help you with constipation. Also try eating apple products (apple sauce, apple juice, fresh apples) and other fruits to help prevent the constipation.


Nikki - December 16

The reason bearing down to have a bowel movement is not good during pregancy is because it can cause some pretty bad hemorrhoids, which is something pregant women are more prone to anyway. Christine is correct, the baby won't come out unless you are dilated.


ann - December 28

i m 9 weeks and i m so badly constipated that all the collen is causing a lot of pain on the left side of my stomach ................i did not have a bowel movement for 5 days last week and i literarly had to make a sick call caz i was hurting so bad i could no even move from my bed so i had to ask my brother to go to the pharmacy n bring me otc magnesium citrate n i had to finish that whole bottle in one day n that gave me a good relief and then i also asked my dr to give me a presctiprtion drug n he did give me a script n it really helped hope this helps u all



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