Strangest Cravings

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L - October 4

What are some of the strangest cravings anyone here has had?


Lydia - October 4

Nothing too strange, but I can't get enough of fast food hambugers. I hate fast food and red meat, usually.


Pete - October 5

im in love with hot dogs!!!!


Cathy - October 5

Cheeseburger with a big slice of onion and a strawberry milkshake. Here's the wierd part. I HAVE to dip the burger in the shake or pour the shake on the burger. It tastes soooo good!


cbs cal - October 5

pete dont eat hotdogs because of the nitrates in them. my craving is for spinich dip. i went crazy on it last night i had to have it.


Julia - October 5

Yes Pete, no hotdogs! Funny I have been eating spinach dip too the last few days. Love it!


Marlene - October 6

I eat hot dogs all the time w/ beans. The doctor they were ok but they are best if you boil them or microwave them.Now i'm really into french toast and other breakfast foods all day long!!


Marlene - October 6

I forgot the would said. Pregnancy brain!!!


Kelly - October 27

I am eating avocados on a regular basis...I can't get enough!


Jodi - October 27

It's not strange, but man Tacos are great!! That's all I think about and want, but I can't have them all of the time b/c df is getting really tired of them...Marlene, I understand! I've got the same problem!! It's awful!


Sheena - October 28

When did you get cravings? At how many weeks??? I have only really been craving carbs, like I can eat two pieces of toast in the morning and 3 bread rolls at lunch and thickshakes or anything wiith milk!! Hmmm


Chaney - October 28

Cheese -- if it is not covered in cheese, it doesn't sound appeling. I started thinking I was pg when I realized I wanted cheese all the time, and I was sneaking the slices for the lunch sandwiches from the fridge. I never do that.


Lindsey - October 28

Mine is cream crackers with Jam, i can't help it


stef - October 31

I'm now 9weeks pregnant and all I want is meat, fruit and vegies!!! I don't want anything sour or sweet. I used to love sweets or even pizza and now i can't stand it but now i just want any cooked meat and vegies or fruit and water!


Beth - October 31

Before I found out I was pregnant I was eating sushi like 3 times/week. It was weird because I never liked it before. Of course I'm not eating it now, due to the raw fish thing, but that's okay because it just sounds gross now. My cravings and food aversions change every single day, it's really weird.


Renee - October 31

I find that even if I have already eaten, and someone mentions any kind of food, all of a sudden I want that too. For example, someone said "Frenchfries today" and I was like "Oooooooh Freeeeench Friiiiiiies" (kinda like cookie monster) LOL!


Mimi - November 1

I heard that if you craving meats, salty and greasy foods it means that you are having a boy. And if you are craving fruits, veggies, and healthy foods you are having a girl.



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