Strechmarks And Tatoo S

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rochelle - February 20

h__lo ive just started developing strechmarks on my lower belly im 38 weeks pregnant and got 5 strechmarks so ive done well but i have a tatoo on my belly and one strechmark is over it..i was just wondering if this will ruin my tatoo or will it go back to normal?


kim - February 20

you are lucky to only have five strchmarks with my first i was covered in them they finally started to fade and ops i am pregnant again


~m~ - February 20

I have heard that if you tell them to do laser treatement within days of birth, it will make a drastic difference. It is supposed to fade them nearly away! But I don't know how much that costs, and I don't know anyone personally that has done this.


Sarah - February 21

I think the strech marks will ruin the tattoo sorry :( I know that they strech and dont really go back normal but its different for everyone so yours might stay the same just a waiting game. I didnt get any on my stomach for that reason.


J - February 21

I know strivectin works well for stretch marks but is very expensive. I used it for my first pregnancy and you can also get laser surgery which is also pricey. You might have to get your tatoo recolored


Mandi - February 21

i am 7 weeks i need to get a tatoo on my foot recolered is it safe


Rochelle - February 21

it's ok to ruin the tatoo im getting a different one put over once shes here. i was just curious, thanks for all your inputs :)


~m~ - February 21

Mandi, it is not advised to get tattoos while pregnant. I would wait if I were you!


Mandi - February 21

thanks!i have never read anything about tatoo's and pregnancy do you know of any web site?i already have the tatoo it just needs to be recolored.


~m~ - February 22

I would do a Google search with something like "tattoos during pregnancy", or "tattoos" "pregnancy"... you'll probably get a ton of hits. Even the recoloring involves needles, so I would say it's not the best idea. I have one on my foot, too, that needs recoloring, but - for one, I've gotten scared of needles since my 2nd tattoo hurt so bad. And for 2, if I do it, it will be after the baby comes. Good luck!


Chelle - February 22

If it only streched it would. But a strechmark is much like a scar and most like you will have to have it redone.



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