Streesed And Scared

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Meg - April 3

I recently found out that I am pregnant.... and my last period was way back in January. This has caused the doctorsa to freak out. I had an ultrasound done on friday and they were suprised to fing that all they could see was a very early sac no baby visible yet. The thing is my hcg levels are matching the size of my ultrasound between 4-5 weeks, and they have done another blood test and my levels are rising as they should. BUT.... the doctors keep telling me that is possible that I have had a miscarrage and that is why they can't see the baby. I think that I just didn't get pregnant untill late feb early march and my pregnancy is just early.. I guess I am just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and why this is depressing me so much..... it is worse then having to wait nine months to see your babies face... I just want my baby to be okay someone please help!


Lucy - April 3

Meg, are you 100% sure your period was back in January? Are your periods always 28 days apart?


meg - April 4

I am 100% sure my period was back in January but they are not always regular and the doc knows that...I have endometriosis... so I have never had regular periods.


KP - April 4

Meg, When was your first day of period in Jan?


Mel - April 4

Meg, hi I am perty much in the same situation as you. My last period was feb 17 and I should be 6 weeks 3 days. I had a ultra sound today and they can't see a thing, not even a sac! My HCG level went from 546 to 2000 in three days, but still nothing. So now they want to do a laproscopy tomorrow to see if it's ectopic. i am really freaking out.. this really sucks. I guess I'm confused b/c I have heard of woman not being able to see anyting until there HCG was at 14,000. Has anyone else had a laproscopcy during early pregnancy to rule out a ectopic? Good luck to you Meg, I really hop everything goes well for you.


Mel - April 4

Meg, I wanted to add that if all they see at 4-5 weeks is a small sac, I wouldn't worry. That is really early! What is your HCG right now? I know typically you can't see anything until the HCG is 1,000-2,000.


Misty - April 4

Maybe this is a little harsh, but I would get a new doctor. Your periods have never been regular, that means you could be exactly where you need to be. For them to know that and still say that they think you had a miscarriage is rediculous. Not that it couldn't happen but I don't see how they have any good reason to believe it at this time. Your HCG levels are rising as they should and they are seeing all that you would normally see for a woman who is 4-5 weeks pregnant. Argh, if they know that your periods are irregular then I think they are a bunch of a__ses, a doctors job is not only for the pregnancy but for the mental state of the pregnant person. I really think you need a new doctor. But anywho, good luck, I really hope for you that everything is o.k.


meg - April 6

Thanks to all of you... I found out yesterday that my recent blood test that qwas taking theday before came back perfect and matches what my ultra sound showed. I was very happy to hear that. I also took misty up on her advice and changed doctors. Mel I hope everything goes well for you let me know !! I have another ultrasound on Friday this week so hopefully everything will be fine. Thanks again



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