Strep B In My Vag Anyone Else Test Positive For This

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fitzerin - September 9

So I think I'm about 8 weeks, (not sure, getting ultrasound on friday to find out exactly how far) and I was just told today by my Dr. that I tested positive for Strep B in my va___a. So this means that I will have to have antibiotics when I problem. Everywhere I look they say that they give Pennicillian for this because it's safe for the baby....however I'm allergic to Pennicillian. Now I'm worried that either A. they won't be able to give me an antibiotic at that time and therefore put my baby at risk, or B. they will give me one that might hurt my child. Anyone else get a positive STREP B down there? I didn't have this with my first pregnancy so I'm a little confused.


Krissy25 - September 9

Yes, I tested post_tive for it too, i'm 9 weeks. Right now they are giving me a course of ampicillin and they i will be treated at the time of delivery as well. I'm a little confused about the test though b/c they said my urinalysis came back positive for it, i thought they didn't even test for it until 37 weeks and used a swab. The info was given to me over the phone so i didn't think to ask about it, i see my doc again in a few weeks so i will ask then. Anyway, i did have it with my last baby, they gave me penicillin, i would be willing to bet there are safe alternatives since you are allergic. You have plenty of time to talk about it with your doctor.


fitzerin - September 9

mine was detected in my urine as well. From what I can gather I belive that means it's a higher level and therefore higher risk. My Dr. took a swap today to test to see what antibiotics might work on it that I could take. I wasnt' given any antibiotics now for treatment, I'm guessing because they aren't sure what they can use yet.


Tonia - September 15

Wow, that is new, this is my 3rd pregnancy, with my first, I was positive for strep B, they tested at 34 weeks. I just had to get antibiotics before delivery. With my second they tested again at 34 weeks and I was negative, so no antibiotics. I wonder why they are testing so soon. Obviously it is just an infection and can go away, so you may have it now, but you may have gotten rid of it come time to deliver. I think at this point it would just be more to worry about and we deffinately don't need that. Someone ask their doctor why they are testing so soon, I don't get in to my first appointment for a month, only 5 weeks now.


happidaz - September 23

fitz: don't worry about the penicillin allergy. there are other safe antibiotics to give you during delivery.


fitzerin - September 23

I only worry about it because my Dr. made a weird comment like "hmm I wonder what we can give you."



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