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taraleej - February 4

can stress acutally cause m/c???


margie - February 5

I was kind of wondering the same thing since lately Ive had a LOT of stress in my life and whenever I get upset about things really bad I get cramps for a while.


kstill - February 7

I talked to my doc this morning about that as a matter a fact and she a__sured me stress will not hurt the baby in any way or slow down development. I was worried myself. My b/f and I have been fighting like crazy and I'm always sooo upset. But no worries ladies!! Good luck to you both!! How far along are we?? I'm just about 7 weeks.


margie - February 7

kstill: thank you! i was really pretty worried about that--in fact causing even MORE stress! the cramps i get could be then maybe my digestive system goin crazy somewhere from the upset. i am 9w4d today. oh and i hear ya about the b/f thing...have you noticed you have been fighting more since the pregnancy...we have and i am pretty positive its the hormones majorly kickin in


tyler0323 - February 7

thats a crock, stress can affect the baby because it affects you and your body. depending on the amount of stress you are under....i was admitted into the hospital with extreem cramping cause by stress. they hook you up to a machine and run a stress test on you, and then put on bed rest. Take care of yourself, and omit the stress in your life. It isnt good for you and your health, how would it be good for a babies aswell.


kstill - February 7

Margie: Congrats!! Have you had your first sono yet?? I have my first the 21st of this month. I'm soooo excited. Maybe when you go you can ask your doc about the cramps and stress. He/she will be able to tell you if it is a crock or not and will not steer you wrong, but until then, I would try not to worry....only if your cramps get REALLY bad, then u may need to worry. And yes, me and the b/f starting fighting right when we found out the GOOD news. Funny how that works. I've pretty much chalked it up to hormones. Hope things get better for you girl. Keep me posted.


EMMABABY - February 7

I don't think stress is ever good for the body. Many doctors have told me that stress can lead to many serious illnesses. I mean of course he's talking about daily, heavy stress. We all stress sometimes, it's normal.. but you shouldn't be heavily stressed EVERY day. Good luck :)


margie - February 7

kstill: thanks! and congrats to you too! i have had 2 ultrasounds already and im 9w4d, the first one just saw the gest. sac, the second showed baby and heartbeat! it is really exciting to see. i still get nervous and can't wait til i get past the first trimester. oh and the b/f thing started with us well right before i found out i was pregnant but it was already the hormones, we never ever fought before that...and ya, that is one of the problems that really gets me stressed out to the point that it hurts me physically and makes me sick but i think that its just cause i cant control my emotions right now. ugh, i just need to get through the next month or so cause everyone tells me that it gets better after that...


kstill - February 7

well, you don't have much longer til you're in your 2nd tri. LUCKY!! I'm sure it will get better for you and me both. We've just gotta hang in there!! How long have u and your b/f been together?


Jessika2007 - February 8

taraleej yes stress can cause you to go into a m/c very easily, but it depends on the woman and how we can handle stress not all women could handle stress like everyone else, its better to stay away from that its not good for you and for your baby......But I personally never had a m/c in my life and I've always had healthy pregnancy's with my other 3 and I was stressed believe me when I say I was stressed I was and I had healthy babies not one complication so not every women have that so try not to worry and don't always believe everything you read or hear.....



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