Stress Does NOT Cause Miscarriage

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Melita - October 4

I'm one of the many who thought it might - but according to my doctor, it's a myth. Stress is bad for the mother of course and every pregnant woman should try not to worry but it will not harm the baby.


Guess not all docs agree - October 4

Researchers have long known that during times of stress, the brain releases several hormones -- including one called corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH). In past research, women who deliver prematurely or have low-birth-weight babies were often found to have high levels of CRH in their bloodstream, and other studies show a greater risk of miscarriage in women reporting stress. CRH is a hormone the brain secretes in reaction to physical or emotional stress, and it is also produced in the placenta and the uterus of a pregnant woman to trigger uterine contractions during delivery.


Allison - October 4

I'm sure its best to try to avoid stress as much as possible, but the truth of the matter is.....we dont live in a perfect world. so, most people are going to encounter some stress at some point in pregnancy (unless you close yourself in a bubble for 9 months, and never interact with anyone). My point being....pregnancy is a critical time, so when you are in a stressful should try to learn ways of coping with the stress to minimize the POTENTIAL hazards.


and one more thing.... - October 4

I have read that their have been some studies, and dr's are starting to think women who have high stress during pregnancy may give birth to more anxious babies (possibly more fussy babies). I read that in Deepak Chopra's book "Magical Beginnings, enchanted lives".


hmmm - October 4

I might agree with the fact it doesnt cause direct miscarriage but there are still many things that stress can cause in pregnancy. Ive also heard the low birth weight thing and also i have high anxiety issues so did my mother during pregnancy so did her mother....not coincidental


To allison - October 4

I am inclined to believe that too. High strung people have high strung babies. Mellow people have mellow babies. Or so it seems to have worked out in my case.



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