Stressful Job During Pregnancy

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Dicegirl15 - February 2

Hi! I just found out that I am expecting my first baby! Yay! We have been trying to conceive for almost 4 months, and finally we have! I am about 5 1/2 weeks along and I was wondering about stress at work being harmful for my baby. I am a nanny for two wonderful children! They are 3 and 7 months. The baby cries ALL the time when he isn't being held, but I just can not hold him all day long. I have to do the dishes, laundry (washing, drying and folding), make lunch, clean up and so much more around the house during the day. He even cries when I give him toys to play with, he plays and cries if you can believe it! The 3 year old is also stressful because she just demands so much! I know that is what children do, but this is far beyond any other children I have ever taken care of, and I have been in child care for close to 6 1/2 years. It is very stressful to listen to him cry and I was wondering if that could be harmful towards my baby to have all of this stress? Also if there were any tips from anyone as to how to lessen the stress load? Help me PLEASE!!!!!


clindholm - February 3

If a screaming baby is the most stress you have in your workday, you have nothing to worry about. I'm not saying that it's not stressful, but relative to other job pressures, it's nothing to worry about. It will also help prep you for when your baby comes.


Kristin72 - February 3

I completely understand how a baby crying non-stop can be very stresssful to you. I would undermine the amount of stress this could cause either, as it can defintely be comparable to other job pressures even worse. Have you discussed your concerns with the parents? IS the baby colic? I had a colic baby who cried non-stop for the first 7 months of life and this was truly heart wrenching and stressful for I can relate. A child that cries all the time..could possibly have other issues such as pain,gas,or another unseen ailment. The only way such a young child could convey his problems is to you is through crying. I definetely think this should be further investigated..especially by the parents. If you feel that the stress of this job is too much for you too bare then only you know what is too much for you. IF you feel stressed then you are stressed and that is defintely not good for you during the developmental stages of pregnancy. When a person is under stress their blood pressure rises, your body creates cortisol among other things which can lead to serious health problems for you and potentially for your unborn child. My advice to you is firstly try to deal with this stress differently by addressing the problem head on. This child needs something but what??..and you are I probably cannot diagnose it, only a professional could. In the mean time try various things to soothe the baby that you maybe have not tried before.Such as a differnet swing, a different formula, more burping, frequent changes, giving the baby gripe water, or ma__saging the babies abdomen gently. I hope you are able to manage this job and your pregnancy, but if your health of your child is at stake you may have to reconsider your job. I wish you all the best.


Dicegirl15 - February 3

Hi, and thank you clindholm. I think that I just felt particularly stressed yesterday when I posted this! Looking back I sound like a spoiled brat! LOL! I am used to babies crying from being in child care for years, I am just not used to this amount of crying, that is all. I am sure with out a doubt that this is preparing me for when my baby gets here. The only difference for me is that it will be my baby, I can't wait! I am so excited. Thank you for responding to my post!


Dicegirl15 - February 3

Thank you Kristin, I am happy there is someone else who understands. My husband doesn't understand, only to a certain extent. I just don't want to be harming my baby in any way. I try so hard not to let it get to me, but sometimes it is VERY hard! I have tried so many different ways to soothe him, and the only way is to hold him. I don't know how to bring this up to his mother though. I have witnessed that she holds him non-stop but she also did tell me last week that she has noticed this is the only thing that he wants. So she is finally catching on to this. I hope that it stops soon, but for now all I can do is try to bear it! I only have a little more then 4 months until the family moves to Boston. I am not moving with them, I live in Vermont. So I try to just take it as it comes and get through it. I know that compared to other jobs, this is I am in no way trying to say that I am more stressed than anyone else. Thank you again!


EricaB - February 5

I am also in Vermont, dicegirl. Be careful walking down outdoor steps! I keep nearly slipping on the ice! Don't even start to think you sounded like a brat! We all experience stress in our lives, and things affect each of us in different ways. It is easy to look at someone else's life and think--how good does she have it?! But the outside appearance of things obviously can't be judged by an outsider. Seven month old babies are starting to learn to manipulate their environments, and also can start developing separation anxiety. It's a good thing the mother is going to get the baby's health checked out, though! Some things can be missed in healthy baby visits.


clindholm - February 5

Dicegirl- Maybe it is bothering you more now being pregnant b/c you are not feeling well and god knows what the hormones do to us! Believe me, I understand the stress of a crying baby all to well. After working all do I go home to a 2 year old (going through the terrible two's) and a 3 month old, so no real picnic here. Maybe you can discuss w/ the babies parents what has been different lately to cause the crying? Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope things quiet down for you.


alitank - February 5

I have no doubt your job is stressful, I have nannied in the past as well. But, if I were you, I would be thankful I had a job - period. I am 8 weeks pregnant, due in Sept., and just found out I probably won't have a job in a few months! So then what??? no one will want to hire a huge, pregnant lady! So, my point is, try to focus on the positive for you and the baby.


gabby509 - February 17

Dice girl, I know the stresses of being a nanny. I was working for a family with older children when I was pregnant with my son and even though they were older, it seemed like everything they did annoyed me. I was not like that with them before I got pregnant at all, and I absolutely loved being their nanny, but it just seemed that with pregnancy came lots of irritability towards them. I went back to work as a nanny after my son was born for a different family that had a baby close to my son's age and that was even worse. I guess because she was not my child, I would get overwhelmed with her crying very easily. My son is a very calm and happy baby so I think I've just been spoiled, but I can definitely understand your stress. I am now pregnant with #2 and there is no way that I would want to nanny for other children at this point. It's tough to learn what soothes and calms other people's children. With your own it's very different, I figured my son out really quickly, hopefully my next will be as calm and mild-mannered as him.


Dicegirl15 - February 18

Thank you to everyone who posted. I am now 8 weeks, tomorrow. I have been coming to work throwing up and still having to deal with the stresses of being here, although I do agree that I should just be happy that I have a job. It is hard to be happy with anything when you feel like you are going to puke on everything all the time. I am sure many of you know what I am talking about! It sucks!!!!! I do believe that the hormones are taking over my body and my mind!!!!! I feel like I get annoyed easier now, not just at work. The kids are great, but they are not my own and that is hard. They are moving in I will be out of a job then. I just try to grin and bare it and hope that this sickness faze pa__ses VERY quickly! Thanks again!



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