Stretch Mark Cream What To Use Please Help

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Claire - November 30

What creams are recommended? with Zinc and with Vitamin A & E.........Its my first pregnancy and I wanna do it right, please help


Debra - November 30

My sister used Mother's Friend with great results; no stretch marks.


seleh - December 2

I used palmers coco b___ter stick. I just would glide the stick up and down my belly and did not get one strtch mark. I did get them where I didnt use it though. Its great because its greasy but does not stain your clothes at all. God Bless you.


Jennifer - December 2

I used the one with the Pregnant lady on the BOx during my first one. And got Lucky with none on the belly but do expect that in between your legs. I have them Bad there. So might want to put it there Just in case.. Just a lil advice!


jennifer - December 6

Does your mom have stretch marks? This is usually a good indicator of what you will experience. Creams will not prevent it totally but they will reduce them if you are prone to them. I was happy with the Palmer's. Check with your OBGYN before using anything with additives just to be on the safe side. Some things are literally absorbable which could be ill advised.


Nikki - December 17

Palmer's Coco B___ter Cream for stretch marks. I used this on my belly from top to bottom and everywhere else that seemed to be stretching everyday after my shower. I have not one stretch mark.


Lisa - December 18

I already have two kids, and am pg with my third. With my other two, I used Baby Oil. It's cheap, and it works! I have NO stretch marks on my stomach, except for a few right above my pubic area. I did get a some on my b___sts, and my b___t - but not nearly as many as my sister did when she was pregnant. The baby oil absorbs real fast into your skin when you are pregnant. It's like it soaks it up. It's best to use it right after you take a shower. I put it on twice a day, once in the morning and once right before I went to bed. Trust me, it works....



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