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confused - February 12

i have a couple of large bright red stretch marks on lower abdomen. is that a sign of pregnancy?


Candee - February 14

Stretch marks are usually a sign of stretched skin. But this doesn't usually happen in most pregnancies in the first trimester. First the stomach must grow before stretch marks will start to form.


confused - February 14

the lower part is much bigger and i might be 12 weeks


Candee - February 14

Have you not taken a pregnancy test yet? I hope you are at least taking prenatal vitamines?!


J - February 14

I didn't get stretch marks until my last month of pregnancy. Unless you've already gained a remarkable amount of weight or your very thin? Everyone is different. Some people get stretch marks just from growing not necessarily pregnancy.


confused - February 20

my abdomen has got much bigger in last few weeks.going to doctor tomorrow.


Maleficent - February 20

my husband has streach marks and he's definatly not pregnant. :oP


Jessi - February 20

I noticed about a week ago that I had dark stretch marks, according to the doc that I originally went to, I'm about 9 weeks and I know that I shouldn't have stretch marks yet. They started out really light though and gradually got darker. I haven't gained a lot of weight, actually lost a pound or so. But I've noticed that my stomach is bigger, I don't know if I'm just bloated or what, but it's odd. But then again, everybody that I talk to thinks that I'm either having twins or I'm farther along than I think.


Sarah - February 21

I was sick for a while and get really thin then as i got better i went back to my normal weight and because it was all so fast i have strech marks on my thighs and hips. It really depends on the person because everyone is different and everyone shows at different times. I wouldnt worry about them too much, its easier said then done i know but you cant do anything about them so you just have to live with them. There are oils that dull the colour but thats about it. Good luck!



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