Stretching Ligaments

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LivviePooh - February 2

Hello To Everyone. I was wondering how soon one can feel the uterus stretching-those pinchy tuggs- and I would love to hear how it felt to you. I have heard you may feel twinges right away. - Livve


sarah21 - February 2

I felt it at about 8 weeks for the first time. It hurts is all I can describe it as. They feel like muscle cramps, sort of. Just achy and pulling and a general unpleasantness.


mjvdec01 - February 2

I was also about 8 weeks, and it hurts like hell. I have had ligament pain so bad ever since that at times it is really painful to walk. Tylenol does nothing for me. Not a day goes by that I don't have pain. Even laying in bed sometimes I can't put my leg all the way down on the mattress (My right side is a lot worse than my left). My ligament pain is almost in my groin, my OB says if tylenol doesn't do the trick then I just have to deal with it as best I can. It was not near this bad with my first child. I was sore at times, but nothing like this. It seems I have and am experiencing all the aches and pains of pregnancy a lot sooner than with my daughter, and it kindof sucks. Some days just sitting hurts. Okay, I have b___hed enough, it's someone elses turn.


amysophie - February 3

Hi everyone,


amysophie - February 3

yeh i have felt this too just today actually and i am 8 weeks now!


Livvie - February 3

Did ya feel n e thing sooner? twinges perhaps or cramps. And thanks!


mommyofgrace - February 3

Livvie, for me that is one of the first signs. I'm pregnant with my 2nd now and it was still one of the first things that let me know. They start out small, like little twinges here and t here and slightly crampy feeling. Later when you really start growing, they will be more painful. Hope that helps


LivviePooh - February 3

mommy of grace i am feeling them at times very low like down there there. never had that before. you?


mommyofgrace - February 3

yea... you have to remember that EVERYTHING is preparing to shift and move in preparation for this baby. Your body is going to go through some seriously amazing changes in the next 9 months and it's just trying to prepare for them.


joey - February 4

hi mommyofgrace..we're on the october thread together :-) This is my second bubba also..and I have definitely noticed the sore ligaments a lot sooner this time around. First pregnancy I was fine until about 8 months...this pregnancy the ligament pain is one of the only things (aside from frequent peeing!) that I even can tell I'm pregnant....I hope the worst is not yet to come :-) I never even used a pregnancy pillow with my first baby...this pregnancy I'm only 5 and a half weeks and I'm using one... have you been using one?.. By the way if any of you girls haven't invested in one I highly recommend!


Swashey - February 4

Im not sure if it was my ligaments but there are definitly some painful cramp/stretches that have been goin on and i am only 7 weeks. Last night was the first time it really hurt down there but only for a few mins but my right side is definitly worse. I dont know if anybody has heard of this pillow but i heard it is the best its a snoogle! Just google it and you can see it!!


Sara78Jane - February 4

Does anyone know why AF 'type' cramping is more prominent around the time of the expected AF and also why the supposive 'ligament stretching' seems to be both a piercing pinchy feeling and at times similar to AF cramps.


llukenjess - February 4

I felt it around 4 weeks...i am 7w today! and i still feel them...sometimes they feel like cramps, and sometimes they feel like...burning kind of. if i stand up too fast i get a sharp pain or move too fast also a sharpt pain. know "growing pains" thats the best i can describe it as...but it's different for everyone...just as long as there is no RED blood! Hope the info is helpful! good luck!!!!!


Sara78Jane - February 4

Thanks! Did you feel it around the time of your expected AF? It's weird how at times they feel the same huh.


mommyofgrace - February 4

joey, yes I LOVE the pregnancy pillow. I used it later on in my first pregnancy but now I"m using it just because I like it. You can also just buy a nice body pillow. It does the trick too :-)


Sandy81 - February 11

Hi guys. I suspect I am 5 weeks pregnant. I have docs appt soon. Yesterday I went to a musec_m and walked around for over 3 hours and then the tugging and pulling started in my uterus area. like pull pinch pull pull and i tried to walk it off for almost one hour but then i was like thats it i cant. we had to leave early on my account. it was so strange almost like i pulled a muscle. ive been having it on and off for like 2 weeks though. sometimes when i sneeze or laff its noticeable too.


Swashey - February 11

Yep when i sneeze it hurts and if i stand up to fast its terrible i just have to sit right back down!!!



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