Study On Caffeine

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sarah21 - January 21

Hello girls. I am a third trimester Mom. I just saw on the news today, though, something that is very interesting. A study has come out that suggests that women who consume more than 200 mg of caffeine a day (equivalent to two cups of coffee) are at a 25% risk of miscarriage, which is twice the normal miscarriage rate for women who do not consume caffeine. They say it doesn't matter where it comes from (coffee, soda, chocolate, tea) but to consume as little caffeine as possible until after the baby is born. You can check out the article on Happy baby baking!


softbreeze200 - January 21

Thank you for posting this Sarah. I di dcheck it out and it was very interesting. It is so hard to know what exactly to do as every medical professional has a different opinion when it comes to pregnancy health issues!! I think they just try to make us as confused in our natuarlly confused state as possible!! LOL!! Thanks again though!! :)


billsgirl - January 22

oooh! i used to be a 2 cup a day girl and a million peices of chocolate as i sit at my desk girl. since i found out a week ago, i have cut back to a halfa cup in the morning and zero chocolate. i have to wean myself off!!! how scarey!! knowledge is a scarey theing.... ignorance truely is bliss! i hate all the worrying!


Missy - January 22

Seems to me that more than one article on a website is needed to convince me that caffiene alone would increase your odds by that kind of a percentage. I would say to take the individual articles with a grain of salt - until the Feds put out something as a long term study done on women at least nationwide (if not worldwide) I would think that the increase is probably not quite that high. Its nice to stay away from high sugar diets, high caffiene and high fat contents while pregnant and avoiding caffiene nearly all the time if not completely would definently not hurt. Thanks Sarah for getting word out there for the first tri mommies to watch their diets carefully. I myself am a second time mommy now (due 9/17) and am trying to watch my diet as well. I hope u have a speedy and relatively pain free birth! Congrats on the baby - by the way, boy or girl? Due date?


sarah21 - January 22

I am having a girl and I'm due March 24th. I didn't post this to freak anyone out. I, too, take warnings with a grain of salt since they change their mind, and women in America have some of the most restrictions and still have the second highest infant mortality rate among developed countries. I just thought it was an interesting study and worth noting.



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