Stupid Question About Mat Clothes

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angelinakai - March 28

do old navy and gap have maternity clothes in their stores, or do you have to order them online? i dont shop at either place normall, and i havent been yet to start looking.


HannahBaby - March 28

only some stores have maternity clothes in them....the closet old navy to me is like 30 mins but the closest with maternity is like 2 hours....i dont like gap maternity so i dont know but i ordered all my maternity clothes off and lloooooveee everything i bought...good luck


squished - March 28

I have a stupid question to add to this...when your current jeans get too tight do you just go up a size or do you go for those jeans with the elastic waist? I would feel kind of stupid in a couple weeks walking into a store and buying maternity pants and only I can really tell that my jeans are tight :)


angelinakai - March 28

thanks HannahBaby! i'll prolly just order online. Squished... i have the same question too... like do you buy the size you normally would , just in maternity or a size larger? im so confused.


SuzieQ - March 28

squished - I did both. I hate the jeans that are a size up from my normal size - the b___t sags and I feel yucky in them! But I did buy a pair of mat pants (the kind that folds down three times) and they are awesome! I am 13w2d and still mostly bloated, and no one can tell I'm pregnant, but they are so comfortable and they look good too! As for sizing, I asked the girl who worked there and she said to buy the size I would normally wear, as it's just the belly that gets expanded. I have a feeling when we're all 8 or 9 months along nothing will fit properly anyways, but until then... may as well look good!


HannahBaby - March 29

i bought maternity pants when i was about 10 weeks.....they are way more comfortable as the day goes on and no one can tell that they are maternity,...and most maternity pants are s,m,L,xl, and you buy the same size that you wear now!! if youbuy bigger they will not fit your body properly and you booty will look like its me on this


AmyF - March 29

I could wear the same size, but I went one and then two sizes up because I know I'll be gaining more weight. After my clothes being so tight for a week in the belly I don't want to feel constricted at all. BUT that's just me........... I know Old Navy does, but The Gap - it depends on the location.


AmyF - March 29

P.S.- if you can get a measuring tape and measure your bust/hips/waist then you can find out what size you are- I'm sure there is some tailor near you who could measure you and tell you what size you'll need.


tryingx3 - March 29

We have Old Navy here that does not have Maternity section, but I was told that you could order online and use that store for returns if the item did not work out. I was also told by a friend to check their clearance section as evidently some of the returned items are put there!


angelinakai - March 29

thanks everyone! i am starting to really need to do some shopping. Amy.. like you, i hate feeling restricted... it actually really hurts my lower tummy if anything is even slightly tight on it. thanks for all of your help ladies!


squished - March 30

Thanks for all the info everyone! My Old Navy does have a maternity section, but hopefully it will be a little bit longer before I have to venture there :)



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