Sub Choronic Hemmorhage

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dyarcho - December 5

I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant, i went to the dosctor last monday and i saw the babys heartbeat. which was a good thing! The nurse mentioned a hemmorhage spot,, i didnt ask what it was, why it was there, will it go away etc etc, i have been spotting for the past few weeks. and i have gushed blood a couple times. it scares me to death! this is my first, and i had been trying for a year, and i finally got pregnant. now i have to go through this now. i thought i would not have to wear pads again for 9 months!! plus i have to use progesterone suppositoried because my levels were low. this is so frustrating! i cant even begun to feel excited as i wish i could. i am afraid i may miscarry. i go back to the doc for another u/s dec 11. hopefully everything will turn out for the best! let me know if anyone has had this problem. thanks!


stefkay - December 5

Hi dyarcho, I know at least 2 women on a thread that we chat on in the miscarriage forum that have had SCH's and are fine with healthy pregnancies! I've seen it happen to a few others who already delivered their babies. You could post this same post on the m/c and loss forum and get some advice from them. One girl had one at about the same time and it stayed the same for a while and then her last, most recent u/s at 13.5weeks shows it is gone! I wouldn't worry too much, but you have to be VERY careful and rest as much as possible. It sucks, but not doing much of anything is the best thing for the situation (depending on how large the SCH is, etc.) Good luck!


ROBYN - December 5

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and had this happen to me also. I started gushing blood at 5 and 6 weeks so badly i thought for sure this was an m/c we did IVF so my RE took me in immediately and everything was fine i was put on total bedrest and it was completely gone in 2 weeks. This also happened with my last pregnancy in Feb i was bedrested for 2 months with that as well. Unfortunately with that pregnancy we had to terminate at 14 1/2 weeks we lost the amniotic fluid and that had nothing to do with the SCH. With these kind of hemmorages the goal is the baby to get bigger than the hematoma. The majority of the time it poses no threat whatsoever to the baby and just disappears. In rare cases when it doesnt disappear later in pregnancy can cause pre-term labor and also can get into the placenta and detach it from the baby but like i mentioned this is rare. The main thing is absolutely no s_x whatsoever i havent done it since May we werent taking a chance, no heavy lifting, no walking for long periods of time no house cleaning or vac_mming. Basically the less you do the better. Both of my SCHs were when we did IVF i thought it was more common with IVF patients but my RE told me it wasnt once you do get and SCH you are more than likely going to get another with any subsequent pregnancies. Mine are completely gone and never returned i know you are scared but you should be fine. Good luck to you.


dyarcho - December 6

Thanks Robyn and Stefkay, i just cant believe that this is happening to me...i have had a bunch of friends and family members that have had kids, and noone had this problem! i know i cant worry about it. i will keep yall posted and let ya know what happens next week. thanks for the advice!


stefkay - December 6

hee hee, Robyn thank you! dyarcho, robyn was one of the girls I was telling you about :)


dyarcho - December 6

oh how funny!!


newlywed0915 - December 6

I've heard that rest is really the best thing in this situation. If you can...take off a few days form work and stay in bed. Call in sick tommorrow...and don't lift anything heavy. I had bleeding at 5 weeks too but they didn't say it was a subchoronic hemorage. They termed it a threatened abortion and said there was a tear in between my placenta and uterus...but the placenta doesn't form that now I'm thinking it was a subchoronic hemorage...bc I went back for a couple of check ups afterwards and they said my body re-absorbed the problem. I've only heard that term used with subchoronic who knows. But hun, just stay off your feet and don't lift anything heavy at all.


dyarcho - December 6

I am on bed rest til 12-11-07 i have been on bed rest since 11/26/07. so i am hoping that helps


fefer1 - December 6

hey - I had the same problem with my daughter and it went away after 14 weeks. It was scary but everything was ok with the baby. She isnow 15 months old and perfectly healthy. :)


dyarcho - December 6

What is a Subchorionic Hemorrhage? By : Sophia Levis Subchorionic Hemorrhage is bleeding behind the placenta, often caused by a clot. In most cases, this clot will dissolve away, resolving the problem and allowing the pregnancy to progress normally. It may take several weeks for this clot to dissolve. Treatment for a Subchorionic hemorrhage is typically bed rest. Rarely, the clot dissects between the placenta and the attachment to mother. This may lead to placental abruption. Risk factors that may increase the chance of experiencing this include high blood pressure, smoking and cocaine use. Symptoms may include: - contractions that don't stop - pain in the uterus - tenderness in the abdomen over the uterus - v____al bleeding If you experience these symptoms, you should contact your physician immediately. Treatment of placental abruption will vary according to your particular state. If the separation of the placenta is small, the baby isn't in distress, and your condition is stable, you may be able to go home and continue the pregnancy with frequent checkups. If the separation is moderate to severe but the baby is not in distress and your condition is stable, the doctor may induce labor and perform a v____al delivery. If the baby is in distress or if you are losing a lot of blood, the doctor will most likely deliver the baby immediately by cesarean section.


dyarcho - December 6

i got my paper work back from the doctor today so i can mail it to metlife, so i can get short term disability pay.. and on there it does say i have a large sub chronic hemorrhage!!! it sounds scary, and it can be. i have been on the net trying to find out what it is, etc some women have had successful pregnancies, some have had miscarriages etc etc. so only time will tell what happens, and i may be on bed rest for a long time? who knows..... i never expected all of this was going to take place..and i know there is some reason i am going through it.... i am not stressing about it. why? if GOD doesn't want this then that the way it has to be. Everyone who has been praying for us....THANK YOU!!! I pray every night for us. Last night I prayed for GOD and for PAPA to watch over us, and keep us safe. At about 2:30am i felt somethin on my 2 fingers tapping me lightly. i kind of woke up, then started going back to sleep and felt it wasnt Chris!!! I don't know what it was a bit freaky???! i go n 5 days for another ultrasound, i am hoping and praying, it will be gone, or smaller than it was last week.


dyarcho - December 6

thanks fefer1. i do hope everything goes good


dyarcho - December 9

This am i went to the bathroom and when i went to wipe i saw a long skinny clot hanging!! it was not pretty. i was thinking what the heck?? when i wasnt pregnant i dont remember having this?? has anyone experienced this with your sch?


fefer1 - December 10

well, you do have lots of nasty discharge when you are pregnant. Can't say for sure what it was but ... could be just that.


fefer1 - December 10

oh, was it a bloody discharge or something else??


dyarcho - December 10

It was a little bloody. i dont think the whole thing was. the other parts may have been clear too?


ROBYN - December 10

Dyarcho - i had that with my SCH too its very possible that its part of the hematoma what my RE told me also about these SCHS when i had mine was when you lie down for long periods of time whether bed time or just lying down the blood is going to settle to the lowest point and coagulate so you its possible to get gushes at that time or even those clotty things that come out. I freaked when i got mine but as long as its not greyish/pink and looks like a clot its all part of the SCH. If you are concerned just call the doc and tell them.



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