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KK - April 18

Is it safe to drink beverages with the sweetener sucralose? Is this just sugar? Or is it like nutrasweet, and a strict no-no? Please help, I'd like to continue drinking my flavored water! :)


KK - April 19

No one else knows the answer either?


Carol - April 19

Yes, sucralose is fine. Saccharin is a no -no. Aspartame is okay in small amounts.


KK - April 19

Thanks Carol. I just found this info in the What to Expect book.. but thanks for your reply!


Amy - April 20

My doctor told me that any artificial sweeteners (including sweet n' low - saccharin) in small doses will not harm your baby. She said you would have to be using the artificial sweeteners in very large doses on every thing you ate and drank for it to possibly hurt your child. Good luck!


Katie - April 20

I am 7 weeks pregnant, and I am not using sucralose or any artificial sweetener for the simple fact that they are not natural. There are hundreds of clinical studies on aspartame and the other artificial sweeteners, and they are proven to be no good for you. (I work with the everyday regulations of clinical research.) However, Sucralose has been only tested a handful of times before the FDA actually approved it, therefore no one really KNOWS what the long term effects of it in normal people, not to mention the effects on fetuses. I have done research on sucralose for my own knowledge, and some of the studies that were conducted were on small animals. The animals were given a higher dose of sucralose than what humans would normally consume. The reasoning is that this would be considered the amount a human would consume over a long period of time, when you compare the size of the animal vs. humans, and the animal’s life expectancy. The results were ugly, (kidney problems, gall bladder problems, thyroid disease, etc). Therefore, I would not recommend using this sweetener until more human tests are done, over a LONGER period of time. (It took 110 studies of aspartame, conducted over the course of 20 yrs., before someone realized that it really wasn't good for people. Just imagine what someone might find out about Sucralose in another 10 yrs? Its not worth it to me to risk it. Just my thoughts. Im going to paste just one link of many, that gives some of the info that I provided, if anyone cares to read. Take care, Kate


Kate - April 20

Heres that link I mentioned. Ciao! Kate


aerethus - November 27

I'm actually researching Phenylalanine, sucralose, and Saccharin for my Child Development cla__s. Aspartame (containing mostly phenylalanine) has about as much of the "harmful" Phenylalanine as say a serving of meat or cheese or fish or yogurt, we need phenylalanine to break down into another chemical in our body called tyrosine needed for healthy nerve endings in brain tissue, the harm in consuming large amounts of phenylalanine is the possibility of PKU in the child (the inability to process phenylalanine (which by the way in case you haven't noticed by now is actually essential to our health as a deficiency could result in mental retardation). Aspartame has been proven safe by over 200 objective studies and is declared safe in over 100 countries including America, The European health organization and the World Health Organization. Sucralose is not natural (nor does Splenda propagate that it is natural); it is chemically processed from Natural sugar. It has been subjected to over 100 unbiased studies (and at least 10 biased studies that I've seen so far) and has been proven to be perfectly safe for children and those who are pregnant. I have yet to get to Saccharine


aerethus - November 27

katie did you know that if your consume a higher doseage of water than what a human would normally do so you will die? giving higher doses of things in a small amount of time to simulate long-term exposure is a very poor method of conducting research\. not to mention that animals and human have different physiology, what animals were tested, pigs chimps hamsters, rats. I mean force a rat to drink as much as the human body consumes of water in a day and you'll have a rat with a liquefied intestinal tract. I think this holistic site that you are siting is an attempt to scare people away from a reasonably arguable safe product for the purpose of a more "natural" diet. As far as that is concerned Aspartame (contaning Phenyl...) is probably the most natural artificial sweetener as it not only contains a naturally existing, but an essential amino acid... this does not mean that large doses should be consumed by humans either, too much of anything is bad for you. Look at water.



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