Sudden Stop In Some Symptoms

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Nervous Nellie - August 13

I am almost 10 weeks PG, and my morning sickness and some tiredness have stopped. I'm having lots of difficulty falling asleep at night. I still have the br___t tenderness, and some mild cramping....should I just consider myself lucky that the sickness stopped before it should? Since I've never been PG before, and I know that everyone is different, can someone tell me if their symptoms stopped around this time as well? thanks so much!


D - July 16

My wife had the same thing -- she is just beginning her 9th week and her morning sickness stopped. Like you, she has some other symptoms.


Shannon - July 19

Yes its okay I am 16 weeks my first pregnancy and I to am one of the lucky ones I had morning sickness from week 4 around week 10 or so and then all of a sudden it was gone and even the days I didnt get sick I felt like someone beat the c___p out of me! but It went away as quick as it came but I still have the mild cramping and I am very tired and the laziest person I know.My b___sts were the worst the tenderness went away a few weeks ago and now Im blessed with these shooting pains in them Ive been told it could be my milk aparently some women get their milk before others. I tried for 4 years to become pregnate and because of that I pay attention to every symptom that comes my way and the further along I get the easier it becomes to relax and just enjoy the blessing,good luck


meri - August 3

I am almost done with my nineth week and I was told the some demishing symptoms are for me my b___st tenderness goes off and on...some mornings i wake up feeling a whole size bigger and other mornings they feel the same size and don't hurt...but the doctors usually say don't be too concerned unless you have bleeding along with's a hint, you can't worry about all your symptoms individually or as a whole...try to enjoy your pregnancy with and without symtoms especially. If you have any pain or bleeding then I would schedule a doc appointment...but try and be patient...these last few weeks in your first trimester are scary...beleive me I know...I miscarried at 6 weeks and at 8 weeks that I am pa__sed that mark I am a little releived and while almost being in the second trimester i am even more if you have no reason to believe that you would miscarry..medically...rub your belly and stay positive...I hope that helps


Wystful - August 13

I was the same way at week 9 and 10- the nausea and some of the tireness left. I've read that around that time the placenta begins to take over and the hormones sustaining the pg so far begin to diminish - hence the diminished symptoms.



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