Suffering Extreme Fatigue When Does Let Up

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buffy2297 - June 11

Hi I'm 6 weeks & 3 days pregnant, this is my 3rd Pregnancy having suffered 2 previous M/C's. I am suffering the most extreme fatigue I can hardly get up in the morning and when I do I find it hard to do basic things such as shower and dry my hair. My house is like a bomb site I haven't cleaned or tidyied it in a week. I can hardly keep my eyes open. Is this normal and does it let up? I'm 33 and have a hectic job I'm struggling to get by each day!


KMo311 - June 11

i too am having the extreme fatigue. i am 6w1d. in my first pregnancies it wasn't until the second trimester that i started to feel better.


jue - June 11

hi, I am preg with #3 and currently at 7.2 weeks. when I was preg with my first I found I slept for 22 hours a day for 6.5 months, but with my second I had energy to spare. my mom said you don't stop feeling tired till they leave home lol. as my first 2 are currently 13yrs and 16yrs I can agree with her. I am 35yrs and will be 36 when this one is born. try eating lots of high energy food little and often as you will find it will help, plus try getting a nap in and lots of early nights as this will help as well. you might be aneamic so have a chat with your doctor or midwife as they might have other suggestions. good luck it will get easier honest.


ibk8t - June 14

I have heard the fatigue is much worse if you are having multiples.....have you had an u/s yet?


San_dee - June 15

im 16w5d, im still really tired, this is #2 for us, with DS (who is 18months) i dont remember being really tired, and only had 3 days where i felt 'a little off', this time im had all day sickness up until about 14wks and im still have 3hour naps during the day and i sleep about 9 hours over night. Guess that really does show that every pregnancy is different


San_dee - June 15

oh yeah and dont worry bout the housework it will wait for you.. i try and stack my dishes so it looks less and try and confine my clean washing to just one couch LOL


ezwaggy - June 15

Hi there, relief may be on the way. I was SOOOO tired I was like a zombie at work. I'm now 10w3d and it's finally starting to let up a bit. I still go to bed at like 9p but I'm not falling asleep in meetings! I think I "peaked" last Saturday - I took 2 naps then slept 13 hours straight that night! But with the 2nd tri around the corner I'm feeling better in general - maybe it's mental? Hang in there! :)


buffy2297 - June 16

Well I feel more exhausted today than whne I first posted this message. I have had a scan but all they could see was an empty sac and yolk. Dr was not concerned as it was too early really. She said before she did the scan that she probably wouldn't see anything. So not to worried. I have no energy and I've become really lazy at work I just sit looking at the computer screen. I've got so much work to do and I have to get it all in by certain dates and it's not getting done. I can't wait till second trimester if thats when it disappears!


ibk8t - June 16

I know what you mean buffy.....I can't seem to focus.....good news though...I am now 9 weeks and I feel like it's starting to let up a bit....I did make a diet change too....was craving carbs...probably from being so tired...anyway...went back to less carbs...more protein...the way I ate pre-pregnant and don't know if that's helping but I definitely feel better


NVgirl - June 16

Hi ya GINI: I am 14w6d and I am still tired all the time and still on nausea meds to keep me from Throwing up. I wish I can say it gets better... but I have no idea when that would be myself. <<<BIG HUG>>> nonetheless. Good luck girlie!


RMC - June 28

Hi Buffy - this is my 4th pregnancy and I am having the same extreme fatigue. I get between 8 and 10 hours of sleep a night, but it seems that I am still dead tired in the morning. It will pa__s though, usually in the 2nd trimester.



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