Suggestions For Dealing With A Difficult Boss

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Leslie - August 15

Hi, I am about 12 weeks along with twins and have been really, really sick for the past 5-6 weeks. It has caused me to miss a couple of days of work here and there, because I can't get off the bathroom floor. My manager now wants to discuss my productivity with me since I have missed work. I know my attention span has been a little off (kinda hard not to be when your puking every 15 minutes) but for the most part I have gotten everything he needs done on time. He is married with 1 step child and no kids of his own. Any suggestions on what to say to him to make him understand what I am going through?? This is going to be a long 9 months if this is how work is going to be!! Thanks!!


JP - August 15

Bottom line is if you have gotten everything he needs out to him on time there should be no issue. I would straight up with him and say, "what is the problem? Have I not gotten something to you that you needed on time?"


Jasmine - August 15

Basically he can't hara__s you and can't fire you since you are protected under the law. Yes, pregnancy is a disability. I would go online to the Employment Dept and see if there is any info pertaining to this. I am going through a similiar situation and I know how stressful it is. Basically, let him say what he has to say but you are protected and if he ever tried to fire you he would need some very good examples of your "lack of productivity". He would be in alot of trouble if he tried to fire you without reasonable cause. Also, if you are that sick you can ask your doctor to write you a note. Just get doc_mentation. Good luck and don't let him get away with this.


Allie - August 16

Hi Leslie, my hubby just went thru a managment trainning and they said that if you tell your boss you are a protected cla__s, they can't fire you with no good reason because you can sue them.



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