Summer Time Pregnancies

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MrsShelton217 - March 15

When I was pregnant w/ my daughter it was during the Fall, Winter and Spring.... SO I have never had to endure the hot summer heat while weighing an additional 20 lbs, and raging hormones... Any of you ever been VERY pregnant during the summer heat... what did you do for relief? (I live in the VERY hot and HUMID (all year) South!


Kime - March 15

Well I live in texas and it will be 85 today alone Yikes!. But i am 24 weeks preggo and im ok for right now. I will have my baby in July so i have to be 8 months pregnant in June and go through our tornadoes and everything else which will suck. Hopefully she will come a little early to save me a little heat. I told my mom man it's going to be so hot when i have her i can take her home in a bikini form the hospital. ( Of course im not going to do that)


J.J. - March 15

I was preg w/my first over the summer of 2005 (baby born nov 2nd), and live in Wash, DC which is hot and humid in July/Aug. To be honest, I didn't find it that bad. It was unpleasant just as it is for everyone. I spent alot of evenings in the pool. My 2nd is due Oct 22nd, so I'll be in the same boat this time around.


MrsShelton217 - March 15

Its 76 degrees already and 98% humidity... and this is only 930am and the middle of march.... I have a feeling this summer is going to be awful!


crrodgers - March 16

I live where it is an awful dry heat! I am due Oct 15th. I have 2 daughters and they were both winter babies so I never had to deal with the heat in the last trimester. I am scared!!!! At least I work in an air conditioned office!


Allisonc79 - March 16

I think it will be humid in Texas because of El Nino causing all the rain this year. I am also due at the end of July. I do not like being hot pregnant. Even now it is uncomfortable and its 80 out there.


jgandy - March 16

I will be 5-7 months during the hot Texas summer. I'm really not looking forward to it. My husband is saving money for the electric bill. I plan to find a big bathing suit and stay in a pool. I'm a very hot natured person, so it will be hot, especially in August. But it's all worth it!


JB0405 - March 16

Hello all... I am due November 3rd so I will be going through the summer heat as well. I live in NYC and the heat here can be dry and nasty or humid and nasty with almost no breeze. Thank goodness I work in an air conditioned office and take the express bus to and from as those are ac'd as well. I keep hearing people's horror stories about summer pregnancies but I think it'll be great esp. if i go to a gym that has a pool or go visit my dad in Florida, who has a pool directly next door to his house. I guess it is all about how you handle it. I plan on wal;king around with a bottle of ice cold water and a wash cloth.


MrsShelton217 - March 16

We have a pool at our house, and I can't wait to be very pregnant, and just get in there and float. I know swimming is a great excersise for pregnant women, plus it takes the weight off... (well feels like it does anyway... until u get out!) A friend of mines parents have an indoor pool thats heated and everything... so last time when I was pregnant during the winter, i got to use their pool... it was soooooo nice!


OneMoreTime - March 16

I had my 1st baby in Jan. 03 and my 2nd baby in Aug. 04. I have to say that being pregnant in the summer was much harder thean the winter. In the winter, it is cold, but you are usually hot (when pregnant) so it evens itself out. During the summer, it is blazing hot and your are hot, so it is horrible. I set my AC on 65 and took a deep in the pool in the evening after 5 or 6 o'clock. My 1st born only got to go outside with her daddy that summer. Now I am doing it again, baby #3 due Oct 1.


preggoplease - March 16

Well I live in Arizona where it gets to 117 degrees in the summer time....right now its close to 90. I am dreading it!!!! I am due Oct. 3rd so I should be about 6-7 months by the time we hit the 100's. eeeek!


lmk - March 16

We're flying to Arizona today for a few days...I hope it's bearable...supposedly the dry heat isn't as bad as the humid weather we get here in the East. I'm kind of worried about how I feel on the flight and in the airport...I hope I don't throw up going through security!


preggoplease - March 16

It should be just perfect for you! Its not too hot about 85-90 degrees and not humid. I know humidity is ALOT worse than our dry heat because I used to live in kansas and that was horrible! lol. But I do hope you enjoy Arizona and your visit....and I hope you feel ok! =] Where in AZ by the way are you visiting?



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