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Becky - May 27

Hi girls- this isnt health related...its more for fun...I'm 8 wks pregnant...wanting it to be a girl! any signs that might signal me that it is a girl (obviously before getting the sonogram done and the doctor confirming the s_x)...I have no sickness at people are saying its a boy. Any comments?


Amy - May 27

My superst_tion says that if you aren't will be a Boy..Cause no Boy would make his mamma as sick as a girl! My daughter had me praying to the porcelain god from day 1. I don't even FEEL preggers this time around....... Have you done the "Pencil Test" Or "ring test"......Supplies needed...Pencil with eraser, needle and thread.........Stick the threaded needle in the center of the eraser,,,,,,Center the pencil over your wrist by the string (Pendulum). Hold it very still....The pencil will start to move, (The superstion is,,it will count all babies in your future) A circle means girl...a back and forth motion means boy......It will move..then stop...then move again if there are more children than 1 in your past/future It was right with my daughter...says Boy this time around...I guess its about 50% accurate lol......For me the pencil goes in a circle..then stops..then goes in a straight line...then stops.....did I explain this right? lol


Q - May 27

if you "google" - boy or girl myths, there's a reallly fun site where you answer a bunch of questions and it explains each myth and your % of having a boy or girl. :)


Diane - May 27

I was not sick AT ALL with my first baby, and it was a girl!!


Maria - May 27

visit this site:


Cher - May 29

I am pregnant with my 4th and have never had morning sickness...with my boys I felt great but with my daughter I was b___hy all the time, I think girls take more out of you....seriously I could not even stand myself when I was pregnant with her! I have heard that girls do that??


Ruth - May 30

Hi Becky.I have 2 girls and i was not sick with either of them.Im pg again with my third and have been as sick as a dog.I let you know what it is when we find out .I think it really depends on the person.But it is good fun to read others stories.Good luck with you pregnancy,fingers crossed for your girl.


Karen - May 30

My friend has no morning sickness at all and she is having a girl. As for me I'm having nausea in my 1st 3 months and I shall find out if I'm having a boy or girl soon. :)


Becky - May 31

Thanks Ruth...It gives me a little more hope to hear you had no morning sickness and had two girls..lolol:)


Becky - May 31

Hi Amy..thanks for the info...I've tried that, but with a necklace and a came up two girls and a boy. But here's the tricky husband has two girls already- so does that mean there are the two girls that show up and now im having the boy or does it mean I'm having 3 kids of my own...Yikes!!!!..lolololol


Amy - May 31

Well Becky, Good question!! Heres my thoughts, If you treat his two daughters as if they were your own....Then it would count them...If you aren't very close to the girls....Then you better stock up on Pampers!! lol But then again....The necklace/pencil test online has a 50% accuracy rate.


Becky - May 31

Hi Karen- Let me know what the verdict is!!!...lololol


Zora (NZ) - May 31

well by the chinese gender chart, if you are 23 and due in january 2006 then you are having a girl :) well thats what it says, this is what it says for me, so im will just have to wait and see the truth :)



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