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kvgvk - May 25

This is my second pregnancy, the first ended at about 6 weeks. My husband is as or more excited about having a baby than I am (which is big plus, because he's very supportive). I am tired all the time, and slept 12 hours strait, then, after being up for a few hours, took a couple hour nap, and went to bed at the regular time. I also am nauseous most of the time, and dizzy most of the rest of the time. Somewhere I read that if you have morning sickness, you're less likely to miscarry? Is this true? I don't want to share my pregnancy with anyone, since right after we shared the last one, I miscarried, and we had to tell everyone about it. I am at 11 weeks now, and am afraid of bonding with the baby or thinking about it too much, in case I miscarry again. Any advice?


Bilmes123 - May 25

I never heard that before. But I never had morning sickness with vomiting, neither did my mom. My sister has it bad right now. I am at 11 weeks as well and have been spotting and thats scaring me. This is my first pregnancy. But hopefully all is well with you. Keep positive :D


cherylc - May 26

I think the reason people say you're less likely to miscarry is because having the m/s means that there is hcg in your body, hense the m/s. I don't think it means you will or wont miscarry though. BUT if you're 11wks and you lost your first at 6wks, I would feel confidant. You've made it 5wks past that now. Good luck sweety and just try as hard as you can to stay positive!!! Sticky baby vibes to you!


sarahdavid - May 26

I know exactly how you feel. I lost my first pregnancy due t o a blighted ovum. I am now a little over 13 weeks pregnant and i worry constantly. Hopefully we will both have healthy babies!!


Crystal83 - May 26

I'm not sure if it is true about the nausea, but I can tell you that my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at about 10 weeks and I had absolutley no symptoms at all except for the missed period. So I think there must have been something wrong from the very beginning. I have now had 3 successful pregnancies and the morning sickness was horrible with all 3, especially the 3rd. So there may be some truth to what you heard. I know how you feel about not wanting to bond, but you know deep down inside you already have, so why not just let it out and be happy instead of stressed. Every week that goes by is the baby inside of you getting stronger and stronger. You're 11 weeks now so your chances of miscarrying or getting slimmer and slimmer every week. Congrats. :)


babeedust2all - May 26

Hi Kvgvk! I know how hard it is not to worry. With my ds, I wasn't sick at all (not even nausea) and I found that really nerve-wracking because of what we all hear about m/s and healthy pregnancies. As hard has it is, we have to remember that only about 50% of women actually experience m/s in pregnancy. It all depends on how your body reacts to hormones, which also can be different from one pregnancy to another. My mom has 3 kids and she wasn't sick at all with my older brother, was a little sick with me, and was violently ill well into her third trimester with my younger brother. Each pregnancy resulted in a healthy baby, so it must just depend on your body at the time. I hope this helps, and a happy, healthy, nine months to you!



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