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Nat22 - April 29

Hi ladies... well I am 5w5days along now and I feel like my symptoms come and go! My bbs have been sore, but when I woke up this morning they aren't tender at all. I also haven't had any nausea yet, which it seems that everyone has been getting morning sickness. Is it still too early for me to have morning sickness? I'm not sure what to think. I have had a miscarriage before (at only 3 weeks along) so I'm getting scared now . Anyone else experience any of this?


MuzikGurl - April 29

Nat22, not every woman gets morning sickness I didn't get it and I'm only having cramping. My b___bs only pinch ever once in a while if that. I haven't felt hardly any nausea just not wanting to eat sometimes. I'm about 8 weels along, but I understand I think it has to do with the fluncuations in hormones..some days are strong and others aren't. Sorry about the m/c. you're not alone I think that everything is fine just scary at the same time. when is ur next appt?


Perl - April 29

Don't worry Nat22, I thought I was lucky because I didn't have any morning sickness at first but at the end of my 6th week, it came. Nothing major just a little queasiness, have only vomited a small amount a couple of times. Now I'm in my 10th week and the symptoms are gone one day and come back the next. I'm looking forward to the fatigue being gone. Don't be scared, pregnancy is not identical for every woman. No need to worry unless you have really bad cramping along with heavy bleeding.


lucy206 - April 29

Has anyone experianced bad stomach aches.? What I mean is I wake up in the middle of the night and it feels like a rock is in my lower stomach/uterus area. It will last through the am - and then disappear.


Nat22 - April 29

Thank you everyone for your words of wisdom =) I think I'm just scared because I just a__sumed that once I had certain symptoms they would stay for awhile... today my bbs have not been sore at all (every other day my nipples were very tender), so that is confusing to me. I haven't had any bleeding though, which is good (just a lot of milky thin cm)..(sorry if it sounds gross)..I have my first ultrasound on May 16th so I'm very anxious. I hope all is well



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