Symptoms Of Pregnancy Menstration Or Infection

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Mandy - May 16

I don't know if I am pregnant or not.. my period is irregular..but i have been experiencing sharper cramps than usuall ... I also ahve been feeling pressures in my va___a area.. its annoying.. almost a pounding throb?.. It only lasts a few seconds though.. i have been feeling nauseous once and a while... haven't thrown up.. just get this hungerpain then a pukish feeling.. i have noticed more saliva in my mouth.. and headaches. I have also been very very tired but I don't know if I could consider that a symptom cuz im always tired.. I rarely get a good nights sleep.. what do you guys think?.. my last period was April 19th. Me and my boyfriend had s_x on the 27th of april, 29th of april, 1st of May, and 12th of May... I don't know when I ovulate.. what do you guys think? last few cycles have been messed up. For example: I got one period on January 30th and didn't get the next until march 8th...What do you guys think?!?!.. Could I have some kind of infection instead?.. in between those period I had a pap smear and they said nothing was wrong.. although I have a thick white discharge(I know it's sick!!!!! Try dealin with it!!)...Please help????... I think my doctor is on crack...


Anne - June 16

Why don't you try a home pregnancy test? They're pretty accurate. By the way, you're the only person I've ever heard of that's not married and keeps track of all the days you have s_x (Usually the only people who keep track are TRYING to get pregnant).


kathy - July 15

i was using "orthotricyclyn " well only for about 3 month not more than that i have about one and half year i do not use any birth control; but since December 27 i had my period than i did not see it. i went to the hospital on june so the doctor gave me a medication call medroxyprogesterone and my menstration came back on june 15. i have always been regular always on time this really scared me beacause im married and i would like to become pregnant but now i am suppose to see my menstration on the 13 of this month and today ia the 15 and i have not see i; well i feel cramps, lower back pain and sore nipple they really hurt but that didn't happened before (well the nipple part). i have been having relationship with my husband the days that i supposly ovulate and nothing. what u guys think i am scared i would not be able to get pregnant, i do trust in God to help me but i would like to know what u guys suggest.



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